My New Glasses.

I was hesitant to write a post about my new glasses as I wasn’t reallly sure if anyone would be interested?! I’ve never tried a service like this before though and I had such a positive experience so I thought I’d share.

I’ve worn glasses for years now. I decided to start wearing contacts a little while ago as I hadn’t tried them before and there are some things that wearing glasses is a bit of a pain for (like exercising). I like having the options of contacts too.

I was planning on getting new glasses this year however, lockdown happened and all the opticians closed which was bad timing. I had spotted some glasses I liked in my opticians but I do find that opticians are quite limited with their styles.

It was actually when I was scrolling on Instagram that an AD for Arlo Wolf kept popping up. The good thing about Arlo Wolf is that they have a service where you can order four pairs of glasses to try on at your home (which just have clear glass in them). This only costs £1 and gets refunded to you as well when you send them back.

I took advantage of this service and ordered four pairs to start with. I really liked one pair in particular but there were some other pairs on their website I wanted to try out as well. Once I had returned my original four, I ordered another four sets to try on at home and this is when I found my new pair of glasses.

I have discussed this service a bit on my Instagram Stories as I think it’s a really easy and convenient way of choosing glasses. You also get to have other peoples opinions this way by showing them to your friends and family and you can take your time deciding.

I always think there’s a little bit of pressure in the opticians and you don’t get to spend days deciding. There isn’t as many options and the price ranges too.

Glasses are obviously something you wear every day for hours on end. I had my last pair of glasses for about four or five years too. If you want to/have the funds to spend money on glasses then that’s absolutely fine, however, I do find glasses to be expensive and if you have limited funds for new glasses then this is perfect.

With Arlo Wolf, all their standard glasses come with:

  • Prescription Lenses (Included in price)
  • Anti-glare Lens Coating & Anti-scratch Coating
  • Protective Case and Lens Cloth
  • 12 Month Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Their standard price is £65 (however you can pay more for a more expensive lens). I had such a positive experience with Arlo Wolf, I found the service easy, reliable and quick.

The glasses I went for are the Gosling frames in Amber. They also do these in other colours and a lot of their glasses are also gender-neutral. It’s worth noting that my prescription isn’t that strong so I found this service really easy but if you have a strong prescription this way of getting frames might not work for you.

Once you’ve selected the pair you want, it only takes 7-10 days for them to arrive in the post (with free postage). Mine arrived really quickly and I started wearing them straight away to get used to them.

I’m aware that opticians are opening again now we’re coming out of lockdown, however, if you’re in need of a new pair and want to try out some other options, I’d definitely recommend Arlo Wolf.

Have you ordered glasses online before? What do you think of my new pair?