My New DIY Wood Shelf.

I think it’s about time I introduced you guys to my new shelf, it really does have my heart right now! You might have seen in this post that I mentioned about painting our room and making it look a lot fresher, I also hated how we didn’t have much surface space in our room as we have functional things taking up space as well as all my *pretty* things (which are also essentials in my eyes).

The house is from the 1930s so it’s pretty old. The walls (although in good condition) can be pretty crumbly when you want to drill into them. It was a bit 50/50 at times if the wall would actually be strong enough to hold the shelf. However, it worked!

The shelf itself is from B&Q. It’s from their interior wood range, it’s not really what you’d use for a shelf but I didn’t want anything too deep as it’s above our sofa. I also love the pine look and I think this nice chunky piece of wood is perfect for what I wanted. The shelf itself is a good depth to lean pictures against the walls and for candles, however, books can go over the edge slightly. This doesn’t bother me at all though, but just something to keep in mind if you wanted to give something like this a go yourself.

My dad was a bit apprehensive about the “untreated” wood, however, considering this isn’t an area that is likely to get things spilled on it, I think it’s fine. I also love how rustic it looks and the knots of the wood adds so much character.

I was completely inspired to use this type of wood because of the shelves that Kate has in her kitchen. I love a good chunky shelf apparently!

I used L brackets to put it on the wall… well my dad did. I had a vision of this shelf and he managed to make it perfectly come to life. I originally got four L brackets but we decided to go with three, in the end, two either side and one supporting it in the middle which has worked SO well. It was quite sturdy with just the two either end but we decided to pop another bracket in the middle, just to give it some extra support.

At the moment I’ve just popped my pampas grass, pictures, some books, and what seems to be my entire candle collection on it. It would also take the weight of a vase of flowers. I’m constantly changing up my interiors every now and again though. I could store some jars of hair clips or my make up on it but I’m actually keeping them nearer my mirror at the moment. I think a lovely little decorative mirror would also look lovely on here.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but adding this shelf to our room has opened up the space a lot and given us more surface areas and adds a bit of decoration as we have very white walls with high ceilings. I’m really enjoying styling it too!

If you’re uming and ahing about putting something like this up too, then just go for it! At the end of the day, it’s just a couple of holes in the wall you need to fill if you change your mind (which you won’t). I think open shelving like this would look amazing in the kitchen too or even a bathroom too!

What do you think of my new shelf?