My New Beautonomy Palette.

AD – This post contains a PR Product. However, I am under no oligation to post this blog post.

Long time readers of my blog (hi) might know that I’ve been allowed to design a few palettes from Beautonomy before, I normally share my designs (see here and here). I think designing your own make up palette is such a unique and fun idea and you can get really creative with them too.

They’d make great presents for all your friends and family, you could even pop little messages on there OR if you struggle to find a palette which is exactly what you want in the shops… why not make your own?!

I have a v v neutral palette from Beautonomy that I designed and I use it alll the time already. Although I’m a neutrals girl at heart, I thought I’d go for something slightly different this time around.

I do love to experiment with make up every so often and change up my “go-to” look, so I wanted to go for eyeshadows that would compliment me and my eye colour, but that would also complement each other and inspire me to use them.

The eyeshadows that I picked out are Merlot, Empire, Papaya, Cloud Nine, Pure Orange, and Crema Fresca. I then have two pressed pigments: Catfish and Cupid.

They’re all a mix of shimmers, glitters, and matt shadows. I also went for a variety of shades… I love how they all look together! How insane is that bright pop of orange??

One thing that I love about these palettes is that you can freely move the eyeshadow pans into another palette is you wanted. So I have a couple of palettes from Beautonomy and there’s nothing to stop me from moving some of my eyeshadows around if I need to. This makes their palettes SO handy for travelling.

The quality of Beautonomy eyeshadows is always SO good and I love the fact that I’ve gone for a really creative palette. I’ve picked a range of eyeshadows (some which are quite out of my comfort zone!) that will all compliment my eye colour AND I’ve got something for every occasion!

What do you think of the palette I designed?