My Month In Photos: April.

April was a funny old month, it seemed to go on for all of about six minutes. I seemed to do a bit of everything too. I was productive but also had my down days, where I stayed in PJs playing Animal Crossing on the Switch. I finished a book, started another one and also finished that one too which is big for me at the moment as I don’t seem to have done any reading for a little while now. I also did some baking, lots of blogging and just general jobs around the home, helping my mum out and odd jobs like decluttering and organising.

I’m hoping that May will be a good month. We’ve had a bit of bad weather this week and I’ve missed getting outside into the garden. It’s definitely felt very cosy though so I’ve been embracing that aspect. I’m hoping that the rain will encourage more people to stay at home too as I felt like the sun was too tempting for some people.

I’m hoping to really get into a routine for next month to boost how productive I am. I’d also like to get over my “fear” of leaving the house a bit more so I’m hoping that the good weather will return so I can make the most of it (and my one hour of exercise a day) whilst still being safe. I think getting up and out early will really help with this and also help me avoid people!

I seem to have had a little love affair with black and white images again, I love the depth of them and how any image suddenly looks more interesting (to me anyway!). I also seem to have taken a lot of photos of my face this month, compared to normal. I’m definitely not mad about this as I always say I want to include myself into my Instagram and blog more. It’s always nice to see the face behind the words, isn’t it?

What’s been a highlight of the month for you?