My Go-To Make Up Look For Cold Winter Days.

It’s only recently that I’ve started properly wearing make up again. I pretty much spent all of last year bare-faced. I think it was a combination of the pandemic, not leaving the house much and probably just good old lazy-ness which mean I seriously lost my love for make up.

Recently, I’ve found I’ve gotten myself into more of an everyday routine which has helped me find my bearings again. I always tend to be ready for the day by 10am, this means hair, makeup and dressed. This might sound late and I suppose it is in a way but I don’t work a 9-5 job so I have a tiny bit more freedom with my time. I do actually wake up early (around 6:30am/7am) but I do things in my pj’s before getting dressed… Please tell me other people do this too?!

If you saw this post, you will know that I recently bought myself some new make up which was very needed at the time and probably also helped motivate me to pop some on in the mornings.

Having a little routine in the mornings and also being dressed by a certain time has done wonders for my productivity. It’s true what people say, you’re always more productive if you get yourself ready. It really helps set you up for the day I reckon. It doesn’t have to involve make up at all either, just getting dressed, hair brushed and put up can really make a difference. I would encourage you to try it if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut recently, it’s definitely worth doing if you work an office job too.

I definitely don’t take ages getting ready (just don’t ask Elliot because he’ll say that I do). It’s all about the base for me at the moment. I’m finding it really fun to take care of my skin, getting a good even base down and covering any blemishes before going in with contour, bronzer and blush. I’ve fallen in love with blush at the moment, it’s so good at adding some warmth to my face and making me look fresh-faced and perky. It definitely makes me look more put together than I feel!

The blush I’m using at the moment is a bit old, but it’s a wonderful coral colour that has a lot of pigment. You can sweep a bit on or build up the colour for more of a rosy-cheeked look. It’s got a tiny bit of shimmer in too which adds another bit of glow too… I always follow with some highlighter though!

I’ve definitely just been enjoying a low keep eye make up look. Most days I’ll define my eye a bit with some light taupe eyeshadow and then just wear mascara. I find this look good for winter as it’s quite low-key but makes me look and feel put together. I would love to experiment more with lipsticks and darker eyeshadows, but with my work at the moment, I’m spending a lot of time outside and it’s just not practical for me.


What’s your go-to winter make up look?