My Fun Friday Routine for a cosy weekend.

I don’t know what it is about that Friday feeling but I just love it. I think Fridays are the only thing getting me through the week at the moment. There’s just something so lovely about knowing you have two whole days in front of you to fill with whatever you want.

My Fridays might not seem that amazing to anyone else but I love them. I just like to use them to set me up for a good weekend. They’re the day I normally get some cleaning done and they’re also my hair wash day which I then use to indulge with a little pampering. Elliot and I normally get a takeaway on this day and either watch the office or a film on the sofa with the duvet and comfies on.

I think there’s just something so nice about making the little moments important and looking forward to them. We’re in the middle of a pandemic as I’ve mentioned so Friday nights would look a little different normally… Sometimes! I am a total homebody at heart though so these are basically my dream evenings.

Some tips to make your Friday nights that little bit more special;

01. This might seem like an obvious one but I bet you’re like me, you own tons of candles but never light them… right?! We’re going into the lighter evenings now which is actually when I tend to light candles more as there’s something so lovely and cosy about having a candle burning whilst the light is fading. They can really make evenings feel so much more special too. Why not light some whilst you’re eating dinner or have one lit for a cosy bath.

02. You know me, I live for food! Fridays are normally the day when Elliot and I will tend to do something a tiny bit more special for dinner. We either order a takeaway or have a really tasty dinner that we’ve been craving all week. We normally try to cook together on Fridays too as when Elliot works during the week, we both get tired and grumpy! I can’t wait for the lighter, warmer evenings in the spring as then we’ll hopefully eat outside too.

03. Fridays are the perfect day to change up your normal routine – go a different route on your daily walk, pop a face mask on or have a lonnng bath, it’s all about doing something you wouldn’t normally do or don’t have time for during the week. I use Fridays to refresh everywhere and get ready for the weekend, I like to do a big clean, change our bedsheets, dust and hoover. I’ll pop some a playlist or the radio on whilst I do this too and it makes it so much more fun!

I also use Friday night as my pamper night – I always wash my hair on a Friday and use this pampering time to do a hair mask, face mask and exfoliate and moisturise too. It’s usually a candlelit bath for me, but if I don’t have time I have a long hot shower and pop some PJs on after.

Elliot and I always try to pop a film on in the evenings and have allll the blankets but if we don’t have time for a film, we try to binge-watch whatever series we’re currently on. We’ve recently started being able to fit in a big walk or cycle after he finishes work for the day too, which is so lovely as the evenings are that tiny bit lighter now too.

I like to think of Fridays as my reset day which gets me excited for the weekend. I also then don’t have to spend the weekend cleaning etc as I’ve already one it all!

What does your Friday evening routine look like?