My Favourite Easy Summer Dessert.

Eton Mess just screams summer to me, it’s so easy to throw all the ingredients together (literally). It’s light and makes use of some summery fruit too.

Traditionally, you’d use strawberries to make Eton Mess but I’ve gone for a mix of strawberries and raspberries here. I love the sharpness that raspberries bring to the dessert, it’s something a bit unexpected.

Once you’ve whipped some cream up, it’s basically all about layering the ingredients together and making it look visually appealing… the hardest part! I’ve gone for the rustic, messy approach with mine. I’ve also popped it in wine glasses as it’s the only glass we seem to have four of?!

We actually went to a Pick Your Own earlier on in the week, so this recipe has been made using fruit I’ve picked myself… how lovely is that? I think we went a bit overboard with the amount of fruit we picked! It’s such a lovely, relaxing but wholesome activity and I think we were having too much fun filling the punnet.

It’s super important to wash all your fruit thoroughly before using it so please remember to do that.

I eyeball all my ingredients so I don’t have super specific measurements for you. I used four good-sized meringues though and a whole carton of cream and it’s made four portions. If you use smaller glasses, you could make this go further.

You will need:

  • Fruit of your choice. Traditionally, strawberries but please experiment!
  • Meringues (one good-sized meringue per person)
  • Double Cream
  • Icing Suger

01. Select however many glasses you need. You could also make this in a big bowl and then spoon it out into glasses, but you won’t get layers this way.

02. I start by crushing some of my fruit to make a conserve which I then use to decorate the glasses with. You could also use strawberry or raspberry sauce for this, we however didn’t have any. I also wanted something more natural as I find strawberry sauce can taste quite artificial sometimes and I didn’t want to take away from the freshness of the fruit.

03. You then need to whip your double cream and icing sugar together. I like to do this to taste, starting with a little icing sugar to just make the cream a tiny bit sweeter and adding more if I think it needs it.

I also don’t like to over-whip the cream, you’re ideally looking for soft peaks. You can do this by hand but I have an electric mixer so I just use that.

05. Once the cream is whipped, I crush up half of the meringues and add this into the cream and then give them another mix with a spoon.

06. Now comes the fun part, time to layer all the ingredients together! YOu can do this ANY way you fancy.

I added some whole raspberries to the bottom, then some cream, the middle layer is the rest of the crushed meringues and some sliced up strawberries, then more cream, a little bit more of the smaller crushed meringue and then a final strawberry to top it all off!

This is definitely my favourite, go to summer recipe as it’s so easy to put together and so quick too!

Let me know if you make this at all!