My Favourite Apps – Blogger Addition

So it’s no secret that using apps helps me a lot as a blogger. I’m not one of those people that tends to be on their phone all day (okay, maybe sometimes) but most of that time I’m on my favourite social media, pinning away on Pinterest or lusting over feeds on Instagram.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite apps as it’s something I always like to see on other peoples phones. I love discovering something new so I thought I’d share a few favourites of mine.

Social –

  • Instagram – Okay so this might seem like a totally obvious one but I use this app for so much. If I’m travelling I use the geo tag feature to find new places to explore. I also use it for image inspiration all the time and I love to chat away to people and find new accounts to follow.
  • Twitter – This is another one that I need to get slightly better at using but this is normally the app I scroll through last thing at night before I go to bed. I love seeing everyone’s funny tweets and sometimes it’s also good for finding new bloggers and finding out information. I love to retweet stuff too!
  • Pinterest – Again another obvious one but honestly, I use this more on the app on my phone/iPad than on a desktop. I like to scroll through at least once a day, mainly in the morning. This helps me find so much everyday “life” inspiration, as well as photography inspiration. I find a lot of recipes on here too. I need to get better at pinning my own pins but there’s so much free information out there on Pinterest.

Photography –

  • Lightroom – I take a lot to my images on my SLR and then edit them on my desktop using Lightroom but sometimes I like to just edit them a tiny bit more on my iPhone if they need it. For this, I mainly use Lightroom as I’ve just not found anything that comes near to this app in terms of control.
  • Storyluxe & Unfold – For the cool Instagram stories that you see a lot of people using, I use a combination of Storyluxe and Unfold. Instagram now also allows you to move the image around the screen when uploading on stories which comes in handy but for anything that little bit “extra”, I like to use these two apps. Unfold is the app that probably everyone has heard of now and allows you to do some pretty cool layouts but I also like to use Storyluxe as not as many people use it and I love the backgrounds.
  • Huji Cam – Huji is another fun little app which you’ll probably see a lot of people using as it adds filters and strips of light to your images. The main point of this app is that it makes your images look like they were taken on a disposable camera. It is a really cool effect which I use now and another as it can make the most mundane photos look good.
  • KiraKira+ – Another app that a lot of people got obsessed with and now it’s not used nearly as often. I paid for this app a little while ago and I don’t think I use it enough however I love to use it when it comes to anything that needs a little more sparkle. This is especially good around Christmas.
  • Mosaico – I couldn’t not include this one. It’s a simple feed planning app which allows you to see how your images look together on your Insta feed before you post them. There are loads of these types of apps out there but this one is my personal favourite. It had some issues last year so I had to switch to using a different one for a while which was okay but I always come back to this one.

Video Editing –

As many of you know, I vlog and sometimes I like to use my iPhone for certain shots or if I don’t have my camera with me. I’m always using it for Insta stories too. I have the imovie app on my phone for any videos that I need to turn (I think you can probably do this with iPhones but I can’t figure out how?!) and just in case I want to edit anything together. I know a lot of people prefer other apps but imovie is simple to use and free.

Some other apps that I like to use are VSCO, I know a lot of people use this for photo editing but I mainly only use this to edit any videos I take on my phone to make them look a little brighter and to up the contrast etc.

I also have been using the One Second Everyday app for over a year now. I have my first video uploaded on youtube which you can watch here. I nearly didn’t upload it as they’re mainly just personal videos but actually, I love how with just one second, you get to see your whole year. I definitely need to get a bit more creative with this as most of the time I forget about it and then have to take a lot of videos in one day! I think a lot of the time you can get this app free on the app store so look out for it. It’s a really good app for making you think creativity and if you want to experiment with videography.

Some more apps that I’m having a bit of an explore with are Tribe & Indahash. After reading Gemma’s post about how to make money as a social media influencer (although that’s not my only goal obviously). I decided to download some of the apps she suggested to try them out. I definitely think there’s a market for this kind of thing with the influencer world growing ever bigger. Do you use these apps?

Another app that’s worth a mention is the Kindle app. I use my actual Kindle a lot to read however I also find myself sometimes using this app if I’m out and about and I have five minutes spare to read a quick chapter.

What apps do you use daily?