My Experience With Sleep Sprays.

If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to get a good night’s sleep. I think people underestimate how bad they can feel is they haven’t slept well the night before. I find that I can genuinely sleep most places, I think staying in the hospital does that to you as there’s so much going on and if you don’t sleep then you feel worse. 

I always spend quite a lot on my bedding too, I always think this is the one thing that you should spend on if you can afford it. Getting a good comfy mattress protector, duvet and sheets can make such a difference to your quality of sleep. I also try not to spend too much time in bed when I’m not sleeping, using it mainly just for winding down/sleeping instead of anything else as I always think you’ll end up never being tired or associating it with sleep when you do want to go to sleep. 

Recently, I’ve introduced a sleep spray into my routine. Sleep sprays are something that has intrigued me for years, there’s a very popular (and expensive) one by a well-known brand that a lot of people seem to use. I have just never been intrigued enough to purchase it. 

However, I recently saw a viral tweet that recommended quite a cheap pillow spray, and I saw it on offer in Sainsbury’s of all places so I decided to try it. 

Feather & Down specialise in sleep products, not only do they do this Pillow Spray but gift sets, bath and body products, all aimed at relaxing you and getting your ready for sleep.

I said to my boyfriend that we both need to try it, but only when we’re going to sleep NOT when we’re relaxing in bed/on our phones… another bad habit I need to break out of. Although I still use my phone in bed, which is so so bad I know, I also try and read before bed to relax me too and so that I’m not just on my phone. When I do use my phone I make sure it’s on dark mode/on a yellow light instead of the normal light as I find that helps too. 

But we have been sticking to that rule, only ever spraying it before we actually sleep and to be honest, I think it is working. It’s a mix between lavender and camomile which is meant to soothe and relax you, I think the whole routine of it also helps too. Only spraying it when you are intending to go to sleep. 

Overall I think I would recommend this pillow spray, its definitely relaxing to use and I love the whole routine of it. I think I do need to use some others though to really compare. 

I think these would also make a really lovely gift as well. I love giving pampering kits as gifts as it gives that person the perfect excuse to have some “me time”, and I think sleep is important for that too. I’m actually thinking of picking one of these up for my mum as it’s her birthday soon and I think these kinds of gifts are so lovely, it’s not something she’d buy for herself either but I think she’d really appreciate it and get a lot of use out of it. 

Do you use a sleep spray? What is your opinion on them?