My Experience (So Far) With the MoonCup.

I’ve been waiting to change up my sanitary preferences for a while (and with them flying off the shelves at the moment due to a certain virus, I think this is the perfect time to try other sanitary methods). Ever since I heard about the menstrual cup (specially, the MoonCup), I’ve been intrigued. 

Just as a warning, there’s going to be a lot of menstruating talk in this post so if you don’t want to hear anything potentially TMI or you’re just not interested… click off now. Also, why click on this post? 

I don’t wear tampons so this is just a transition from pads to a menstrual cup. I think it might be a slightly more seamless transition if you did, but I can’t give my opinion on that as I have never even tried a tampon. I don’t like the idea of “plugging” anything, the menstrual cup seems more natural in comparison to a tampon.

My first time wearing one: 

I didn’t start wearing it straight away when I got my period, mainly because I wasn’t at home when it started. It says on the leaflet that it can take up to three cycles to properly use it and I only wore it for one day on my first cycle (as my period then ended). 

I was a little nervous about putting it in and taking it out but the main thing that I can say is just breathe. And try to relax as it’ll then make everything easier. You are fine. Also, try to find a comfortable position, I actually find it better to squat down but you can even lay down, this is all personal preference but just follow the instructions and if you find it’s difficult or you can’t do it, leave it and try another day/time.

The first couple of hours I was wearing it, I was very aware it was there. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I was just very aware of it. I also took it out before going to the gym. I think I mainly just need to get used to wearing it at home before I decide to really venture anywhere. Mainly because I get the feeling that I’m not wearing it right… I have to be honest and say that I’m a little worried about it tipping or leaking too, although this actually hasn’t happened at all. It seems very secure.

One thing that I find a problem, is that I spot a lot. Which is fine, I always have done right before my period arrives but it obviously means I have to pop a liner in which kind of stops me from being able to just solely use a Mooncup, which were my original intentions. Obviously, I’m still using less sanitary products than before which is good for my body (and the planet) but it’s not quite what I expected.

I only managed to wear it for a day or so when I first got it as I finished my period soon after. In my next cycle, I managed to wear it for a lot longer, I basically wore it from day one of my period. I have found that I don’t like the idea of wearing it at night but I think it’s just something I’m getting used to.

I’ve read somewhere that some people shower in the morning and put it in and then also shower at night to empty it/sort it out. Obviously, if your flow is heavy this might not be suitable for you but I’ve found that showering does help as it’s better/easier to put it in when wet.

As I’ve mentioned, it can take up to three cycles to properly get used to it/use it properly so I’m not worried about it at all. I’m definitely still getting used to the whole experience and learning about my body too. Hopefully, by the end of my next cycle, I’ll feel a lot more confident about wearing it but I wanted to write this post for anyone who’s curious but hasn’t tried one yet.

Do you use a menstrual cup? Any tips or experiences would be greatly appreciated!