My Bed Time Beauty Essentials.

This post contains gifted products, marked with a *.

Embracing a night time beauty routine is so important any time of year but it’s something I definitely do more around the summer months. There’s something about the lighter evenings that invites me to spend hours winding down and getting ready for bed.

I find I definitely tend to switch up my beauty routine come summer. I start having night showers/baths (to freshen up and get rid of all the sunscreen and sweat, lovely) when normally I only shower in the morning. I like to use a really sweet smelling shower gel to wash away the day, something relaxing and ultimately containing lavender would be perfect. At the moment I am using the Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel* as it leaves my skin feeling so soft.. and if I’m feeling really lazy I won’t moisturize! Mainly though, after a hot shower (no matter the temperate outside it’s got be a hot shower!) I like to use a full-body moisturiser to get lovely and soft.

If I’ve washed my hair I tend to leave it to air dry and also dry overnight as I find in the summer this helps keep my hair soft and reduces the amount of heat damage (in the winter it would never dry if I did this!).

I like to do a proper cleanse with facial cleanser even if I haven’t worn make up that day as I hate the idea of dirt getting into my pores. At the moment I am loving testing out some of the Dermalogica products as I’ve recently joined their #Skinfluencer programme. There will be a full post coming introducing you to some of their products soon, however, at the moment I am loving the Daily Microfoilant.* It’s a powder that changes once you add water and becomes more of a paste which I think is really cool. It is so gentle which makes it perfect for everyday use and it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and soft.

After this, I like to use a light moisturiser for my face. I’ve just finished off my Freshly Cosmetics Antioxidant Facial Moisturiser* which I loved, it was so light but always leave my skin feeling amazing. At the moment, (and this probably is wrong but don’t judge me!) I haven’t been going in with a moisturiser at night, I’ve just been using facial oils. I have a couple from Freshly Cosmetics which I like to switch up every so often depending on what my skin needs or I apply them both, just at different stages of the evening. The first one if their Blue Radiance Serum*, I’ve had this for a while now and I’ve reminded of how much I love it every time I use it. I also have their Red Velvet Oil Serum* which leaves my skin looking so healthy and glowy. Using both these oils has definitely improved the texture and appearance of my skin. I always find myself reaching for the oils come summer as I find that they add so much instant hydration.

What are some of your bedtime essentials?