My Autumn Beauty Wishlist.

I love the changes to the beauty world at this time of year. Berry tones are now acceptable again and embraced, everyone goes more fresh-faced with a dewy looking foundation and skincare becomes a whole lot more important as the heating/sudden changes of heat causes dry skin that is out of control! 

I swear I have a beauty wishlist that’s as long as my arm right now. There are so many lovely picks out there at the moment, I suppose that list will come in handy when Christmas rolls around! What are some pieces that you’re lusting over recently? 

First up, I’m really intrigued by the new Dove Bedtime Bliss Body Lotion. It basically gives your skin the spa treatment whilst you sleep (so you can wake up with silky, soft skin) as well as being infused with a natural lavender scent. It sounds to me like a more budget-friendly Sleepy Lotion but I adore the packaging of this and I definitely want to give it a go! 

Another few products that have caught my eye recently are the Florence by Mills Skincare. You might have heard that Milly Bobby Brown (from Stranger Things) has brought out a skincare line already… and you might have seen THAT video. I’m not quite sure what to think of the whole range yet and there also seems to be quite a diverse price list (although it’s definitely on the higher end) however, the Clean Magic Face Wash, Dreamy Dew Moisturiser and Zero Chill Face Mist sound really interesting.

I’ve also been seeing Physicians Formula everywhere recently and I actually quite like the look of their products. I know their Butter Bronzer is really popular (as well as the Healthy Eyeshadow Palette) so I might have to get my hands on it… The packaging is really lovely and the price isn’t too bad either!

I’ve been in need of a new mascara for the longest time now and I’ve seen one by Milani (which is a brand I’ve never heard of before?! But they must be good as it’s out of stock..) which looks really promising. I’m so weird with mascaras, I never try the same one twice it seems, every time I need a new one I try something new!

What do you think of my lust list?