My At-Home Beauty Routines.

AD – This post contains some PR Samples.

So this isn’t a beauty routine as in “these are all the steps I take to do XYZ” but more, actually the things I do at home to make me feel like myself. It’s almost like a pamper routine, little things that just make you feel like you, you know?

And if you can do it at home, why not? I’ve only ever had my eyebrows done once at a salon and it was a nice experience but the general upkeep and dying I can do for myself. It’s the same with shaving, waxing might be great but I’m low maintenance and I like the routine/pamper of it. I draw the light at dying my hair though, especially when it comes to bleaching it! I’ll leave that to the professionals…

Dye my eyebrows

I keep on top of my eyebrows with their shape and style, trimming them every so often and sometimes growing them out before styling them again. But I can’t tell you how big of a difference dying them makes though. I love the little routine of it and it helps them not only frame my face but makes getting ready quicker too.

I use Dybrow by Eylure and I would definitely recommend it. There are so other brands out there which I would like to try but the Eylure one is so inexpensive and I like the results that it gives. I tend to go more time between dying them then you have to but it always makes such a difference when I do do them again.

Curl my lashes

This one isn’t really a “routine” as such but it’s something I do most days if I’m leaving the house as it makes such a difference to how I look. It definitely makes me look more awake and if I’m wearing minimal make up it pulls the whole “look” together.


Another thing which I’m proud to say I’ve made a routine of mine, wearing facial SPF Every. Single. Day. This is so important for your skin, not only does it fight against aging but it stops your skin from getting sun damage too. I have a post up about the importance of SPF up here if you’d like to read it but it’s the one thing I would suggest you add to your skincare routine if you don’t already (having SPF in your foundation doesn’t cut it!).

I have two brands of SPF that I would recommend, the Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense (PR Sample), only SPF 30 though, and also the Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Facial SPF 50. I alternative these, I like a full sun-blocking SPF as I don’t like to tan from the sun so I try to always use the highest factors on my face.

Fake Tan

I do fake tan quite regularly, sometimes I go ages without doing it and other times I top it up every week, there’s no in-between with me but I love having that natural glow. Recently I was sent some gradual tanning moisturiser from Nivea (PR sample) which I have been using pretty much every day and I’ve been loving it! You can really see the colour starting to build up now too.

I know some people fake tan and then use a gradual tan to keep it looking fresh, so this might be something that I try next.

Heatless curls

I do the heatless curl hack, pretty much every night. My favourite time to do this is when I have freshly washed hair as it stops my hair from being flat and always gives me the nicest light curls. I have a post up about how I do my heatless curls but my main trick is that I actually lightly dampen my hair as otherwise it just doesn’t work for me.

What are some beauty steps/routines that you do regularly?