Monday Moodboard #6

Monday again.. I’m feeling fairly positive about this Monday though. Mondays just always seem to come round so quick don’t they. Luckily for me I’ve made this a productive one, productive and spendy if I’m honest.

You might have already seen my last post, where I mentioned that I wanted to update our bedroom and I’ve put that into motion today. I’ve ordered some cushions to update our bed (couldn’t find them in stores?!), changed the lampshade and ordered some new artwork. I also did a big clean, brushed through our fluffy cushions (which made everyone in my family think I was mad) and roped my dad in to help put my wire grid on the wall. I didn’t think there was much point, however, I think we’re going to be here a while so I decided to. Even just doing that has made the room look so much more put together. Think I need a lay down after all that cleaning though. 

The weekend saw us going to the cinema, I’ve finally seen A Star Is Born. I googled the ending ages ago before I decided I wanted to see it. I was hoping it was still sad enough to make me cry even though I knew what happened but unfortunately not. I still think it was a good watch though, definitely recommend seeing it. 

We also spent about 3 hours sitting in traffic to go to Southampton (which is normally about a 45-minute drive. It was so so busy though so we didn’t even spend too long there, we did get what we needed though and went for food and a wander around Ikea

Elliot and I finished watching The Haunting Of Hill House yesterday as well. We really enjoyed the whole series but I think the ending could have been.. better? I don’t know I have mixed feelings about it. I did enjoy it though, it’s the kind of thing which you get invested in despite how scary/ jumpy it is. I need to watch all the conspiracies theories now. Also, I spotted a few hidden ghosts

We’re looking for a new series to watch again.. any recommendations are welcome!

This week is a fairly quiet week but I want to get ahead with Instagram and blog posts. I’m also going into Southampton again (lol good luck to me) on Tuesday to see Six which I booked very last minute a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll probably spend the rest of today editing my vlog and trying to get that up. The internet can be so slow. 

Have you guys got any exciting plans this week?