Monday Moodboard #5

How has Monday come back around so so quick?! Seems like only yesterday I was writing my last one of these. 

It was Elliot’s Birthday yesterday, he turned 23 so it wasn’t a “big” birthday but still one to make special. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that we went segwaying with a load of our friends as I put up a tiny little video (it was for my One Second Everyday app). I was so nervous beforehand as I’m not very sporty or good at activities like that but I actually thought it was really fun and enjoyable. The only annoying thing was how cold it was! They do night segwaying as well which my boyfriend and I really want to do now.

After the segwaying we went for food (to warm up!) and then we also went bowling. Hasn’t bowling gotten so expensive nowadays?! For two of us, it was about £30 for two games.. the segwaying was pretty expensive too so after that we were wiped out. 

It was good that Elliot’s birthday was on Sunday as it split the weekend up really nicely, it meant that we could do the activities on Saturday and have a bit more of a chill day, and spend time with his family on Sunday. I made a massive cake (see above), it was biscoff and tasted really nice (If I say so myself) and we even have a bit leftover for tonight. 

I spent Sunday night catching up on strictly whilst Elliot played Red Dead which was a birthday present.

I’ve been trying to be productive today. I had a doctors appointment at half eight this morning which I thought would have meant I had a really productive day but that hasn’t really played out. I have spent a good portion of today catching up on missed tv though. I’ve also finished the second season of Making a Murderer and I didn’t see that twist coming.

This week I have some blogging that I want to do, I need to work on a post for a brand as I’m doing a collab, It’s unpaid (but they gifted me the products) and I have complete creative control but I want to do a good job. It also is quite Christmas themed so it’s ideal for me. I’ve been playing Micheal Buble’s Christmas album already and I’ve got the decorations out of the loft for these photos so I might as well put them up too. Too soon?!

I’ve been vlogging again this week, well trying too. I’m not sure how exciting the vlogs are going to be but I love homey vlogs. I’ve been thinking about doing vlogmas this year which will be a change for me as I normally weekly vlog. I’ve also been comtemplating doing blogmas, so I’ll have to choose as Idefintely won’t be able to do both!

What are your plans for this week? Is it too soon to get excited for christmas?