Monday Moodboard #4

I thought it was about time i started sharing these posts again, they’re one of my favourites ones to write and I like keeping my blog updated on whats happening with me. 

I’ll very briefly gloss over but basically, I had to go back into the hospital for the second part of my treatment (see this vlog for more detail). Coming out of hospital obviously left me feeling shit again and not only was I struggling with my mental health, but I was also battling feeling nauseous and having a weird taste in my mouth (side effect from treatment).. so not a great time. Finishing the second part of my treatment has meant I have a little bit of downtime before all the various hospital appointments start up again so I’ve been filling my time doing stuff I want to do. I’ve been seeing family, baking again, going to the cinema. This weekend we even went pumpkin picking and we carved them on the same day. 

I’ve been doing a lot of Halloween/seasonal activities recently and I’ve been enjoying making the most of the season and really trying to appreciate this time of year. Today I even made some Halloween themed biscuits (which you can see in the above photo) and I think they turned out really well. 

This coming weekend is my boyfriend’s birthday weekend so I’m determined to spoil him and make sure he feels special as I feel my illness has been stealing all the attention recently. I’ve already been organised and got him his gifts and card but now I just need to choose what cake I want to bake him and actually bake it! I always like to go over the top with what cakes I do so I know I’m going to be browsing pinterest trying to find some inspiration. We’re also going segwaying as a little birthday activity and I’m praying that I don’t fall off! 

I’m hoping to have a very calm, relaxed but productive week and then a fun weekend. What have you guys got planned?