Monday Moodboard #2

What does everyone think of my moodboard this week? I’m in love with dreamy pinks and any blush tones, I think they go so well with everything, hence the black and white. I’m normally so draw to creating everything with loads of white so using some colour was refreshing for me.

This week started off with a very spontaneous BBQ on the beach. I did an early shift at work so have the afternoon/evening free and just suggested it, not thinking it would happen (on a Monday?!) but before I knew it we were headed to the shop for supplies. We didn’t BBQ alone either, but with my sister and her Boyfriend and it was such a lovely evening sitting down by the water with good food and good company. It was so unusual for us to do something like that on a Monday, what with everyone having to get up early for work the next day but it was a lovely start to the week. It was such a funny evening too as we bought the food, they brought the other stuff like plates and all the drinks but non of us bought any cutlery?! We ended up having to tear our buns apart and trying to tip condiments out of jars. It’s the little things you remember I suppose.

The rest of the week was fairly slow and tiring with work, not every week has to be exciting though. I did a big clean of the flat, and we also did a big food shop. We’re trying to make an effort to eat a little better and look after ourselves and our health more. With both of us making this change we should stay motivated and keep each other on track. 

On Friday we washed Elliot’s new car for the first time, giving it a proper big clean. Does anything else not think somethings “properly” theirs until they do certain things? Washing a car is something I always think helps make it “yours”. We also did his mums car too as we’re nice and then celebrated Friday by eating A LOT of pasta and going to sleep by half ten. Adult life. 

Saturday morning we stayed in, had a big lay in and then a mini pamper session for me. We didn’t really have any plans for this weekend so we ended up going to a place called Clark’s Village for some window shopping. It took us about an hour and a half to get there but with good music (the Greatest Showman soundtrack) the journey went quick. It was a nice day wandering around, being somewhere new. We then went home and played scrabble with my parents, as that’s Saturday night done right. 

We basically spent Sunday in, after venturing out for work shoes for me (didn’t get any) and ingredients for homemade pizza ready for the football, who said diets have to be boring?! We also watched La La Land as Elliot’s never seen it, such a dreamy film for a Sunday evening. 

This next week ahead is another week filled with work and not much else, I always find I need Monday just to catch up and get organised, the rest of the week tends to go quick. We don’t have many plans but I have a hospital appointment which I’m nervous about. Hopefully all goes fine and I think after that I’ll just want to stay in and recover watching a film. I really want to watch a new film thats come out on Now TV called “Happy Death Day”, we’ve tried watching it but the internet was playing up but I think it’ll be the perfect movie to watch after the hospital, something fun and distracting. We’re also continuing to watch Shooter on Netflix and we’re on the third season now, it’s very interested and I literally couldn’t tell you how it ends. I do want to watch the film version too.

What are your plans for this week? Are you enjoying a breakdown of my week in these posts?