Monday Moodboard #1

I’ve recently found my love for blogging again, I’ve been feeling so inspired lately, mainly from reading others blog posts and also just a general motivation has come over me. I’m not sure where from but I thought I’d embrace it.

The idea of a sharing a Monday Moodboard has been in my head for a little while. I always see people doing round ups and life updates and apart from my goals posts that I try to upload on the first of each month, I don’t really share too much else.  This blog is obviously mine but I wanted to try and continue to make it a tiny bit more personal too, not just beauty reviews. It also gives me a chance to be creative, I’ve always loved creating moodboards (since Textiles A Level!) and this one was so much fun to create.

So, I’ve had a lovely weekend. Saturday was spent working and then watching the football at my parents house. If you cannot stand anymore football talk stop reading now and scroll down! I’ve never been one for football before but I’ve really gotten into it this year, I love anything that brings everyone together and after watching England play Columbia, I now understand that football can be exciting! It was a very long day and I think I crashed around 10pm and just wanted sleep. 

Sunday was just spent mainly at home, it really is too hot to do anything, I don’t cope well in the heat. I had a lay in, a lazy morning, built my ikea shelves (will be sharing soon!) and watched Set It Up, which is a Netflix original and a really funny, lovely rom com. Even my boyfriend enjoyed it. We did also get out the house in the evening and went for a walk when it was cooler. 

My plans for this week are work. Working in retail I normally work Saturday and have a day off in the week but as I’m on a rota, anything can happen and I’ve very luckily got this weekend off which means I’ve working all week. My boyfriend and I are trying to get better at having plans in the evenings during the week rather then collapsing on the sofa after work but sometimes this doesn’t work out. We don’t really have anything planned for this week, so it’ll be nice to just see what happens and perhaps we’ll do something spontaneous. 

In other exciting news, I want to have a proper deep clean of the flat, tidying up everything and also sorting out my new shelves! I’m constantly having a refresh of my possessions and moving different bits from room to room. I think this is what keeps the space lively. It’s so satisfying to have a lovely clean, tidy space to relax in though.

What are you plans for this week?