Microtea from Waterdrop.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

I have been the biggest fan of Waterdrop products for the longest time. My love for the brand started when they very kindly sent me some products at the beginning of the year and it’s only grown and they actually have a really exciting new launch today: Microtea.

I love tea, it’s something that is so comforting but also healthy. The fact that they’ve released a range of tea is so exciting to me as I love the fact it’s portable with no waste – as there’s no tea bag.

All you need to make a cup of tea using Microtea is hot water, and one of the Microtea capsules. Drop it into hot water and you’re good to go!

The flavours that I have is their White Blossom Microtea, Fruit Fusion and Oriental Spice. The Oriental Spice Microtea is my favourite so far as I love ginger tea and the three main flavours are Ginger, Turmeric and Chilli. Don’t be worried about the Chilli either, it adds a certain amount of depth and heat to the tea but it doesn’t make it spicy! This tea is so lovely and warming and perfect for a winter day.

If you’re not into “spicy” tea then their White Blossom might be more to your taste. It contains White Tea, Blueberry and Linden Blossom or even the Fruit Fusion which contains Rosehip, Blueberry and Hibiscus. Both of these have a floral and fruity edge to them and are lovely and refreshing.

Not only have they just released Microtea, but they’ve also released a range of handy Tumblers, perfect for travel! I have the small tumbler in the colour Tangerine (which I love). It’s the perfect thing to brew your Microtea in as it holds 400ml and keeps your tea hot for over 6 hours.

Their water bottles are some of my favourite ones to use, they’re strong, durable and last for a long time… they’re also so pretty and come in a wide range of colour and styles. I love their steel bottles as they’re so nice to drink from and hold slightly more than your standard steel bottle. All their water bottles come in a range of sizes though so there’ something for everyone.

You can also buy a large tumbler if you like a lot of tea but also included in this new range is a gorgeous little Ceremony Set which includes a teapot and two teacups and is just the perfect little thing to make your tea time that bit more special.

If you did want to get your hands on any of the Microtea range, use the code “ENJOYHOT” to receive £5 off purchases over £25 and also free shipping. This code does run out today (9th November) so hurry if you don’t want to lose this deal!

Let me know what you think of Waterdrop’s new Microtea range!