March Goals


I didn’t quite think that I would ever be sat on my sofa in my lounge all wrapped up writing about my goals for the month of March when there’s snow currently falling outside. It feels very surreal and I’m not looking forward to the walk to work later but I love snow (mainly because we never get any down here!). It’s giving me the complete oppersite feelings though instead of looking forward to Spring and the mornings getting lighter I’m feeling all the cosy vibes again and craving wintery treats like hot chocolate. February was a funny month, it seemed to last for barely two seconds while January went on forever. It was an exciting month for me and Elliot as we moved out on the 10th, it’s the first time I’ve lived anywhere other than my parents house so it’s been an adjustment but this flat doesn’t feel weird, it feels like ours. Obviously I miss my dogs crazy amounts but we’ve been back a good few times to take them for walks and it was also my Mum’s birthday a few days ago so we all went round to spend time with her and spoil her which was really lovely. Moving out has definitely been an adjustment but it’s going well.

01. One of the biggest things that I want to do this month is get back into a routine with my blog and instagram and start posting regularly again. Obviously moving is stressful and takes up a lot of time but it also meant that we were without internet for about two weeks, which was really not very fun! Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely time to relax and refresh and give ourselves a bit of a break from the online world but it really made it difficult to continue posting and it’s also meant that my motivation has suffered. I’m determined though that this month is going to be a blog filled month so expect a lot of posts from me!

02. Sort out the flat –  this seems like a never ending task at the moment, getting everything done seems to take ages and never quite gets finished but I really want to get everything sorted so we can just enjoy living here instead of constantly thinking “oh we have to do this, this and this”. When we moved in the landlord said that he wasn’t happy with what the painter/decorator he hired did but we said as we didn’t really want the hassle of someone coming back that we would be happy to paint ourselves if he supplied the paint.. so we have some painting to do! It is slightly annoying but we’re gonna live here for a long time so it’ll be worth it. We also need to go back to ikea to return something and we still need to buy a dining table, extra chair, mirror and coffee table! We also need to put a rail up in the cupboard.. honestly the list is endless.

03. I am really glad that March is a lot more of a quiet month than February was but I also have a wedding coming up which I need to buy a dress for! I’m sure that I’m going to be spending the next few weeks trying to find a dress which will keep me warm as it’s just not the right kind of weather for a Spring dress.. I’ll be searching Asos thats for sure. I also want to update my wardrobe a bit with some new jumpers and various bits as I haven’t been shopping in ages.. I also have tons of vouchers from Christmas so I think this could be the perfect time to spend them! I’ll be checking out kate’s Lust List first of course..

04. Something else that I’ve actually started doing already (lol I’m cheating) is making sure that I’m taking more photos just for me. I need to have loads of photos to post to instagram and blog with but something that I’ve really tried to improve on is taking more personal photos just for me, just to keep, not to post or for anything. There’s so much that happens in a month that I want to capture it to look back on in a years time etc. It’s hard finding the balance between enjoying moments and not feeling like I have to get my phone out every two seconds to take a photo but I love photography and capturing moments so I’m enjoying getting more creative and taking photos again just for me. 

I don’t really have that much on this month, which I’m glad of as the last two months has been so busy with moving and everyone having birthdays! I’m looking forward to a much more quiet month spent in my new flat with my love, cooking, looking forward to Spring and getting in new routines. 

What are some of your goals for this month?