Making Every Day A Special Occasion

I’ve always been one to try and out the most out of every day, even something as little as a tv programme coming back on (who watched the bake off last night??) I have to go all out, making sure we have everything we need to make that little event special. I’m not sure why I’m like this, but I don’t see it as a negative thing. 

When The Little Picture Company got in contact with me, I jumped at the chance to receive some of their products and I am SO glad that I did. Everything that they create is absolutely gorgeous and they have a gift for anything and everyone, even those tricky people that are hard to buy for, they have it covered. 

They’ve recently released their “Celebration In A Box“, these are ways for you to make any moment insta worthy. I think these little kits are such a good idea, portable and something that you can gift to someone and then set it up there and then. They’d be perfect for something like an office or for gifting in a cafe or restaurant, helping make that occasion that little bit more special. 

Everything that The Little Picture Company create can be personalised, they really do go that extra step to make the perfect gift. They very kindly sent me two of their Celebration In A Box, one that was personalised for myself and another that I intend on gifting to my friend for their wedding (keep reading to see it!).

The kraft boxes can be either black or brown with a shiny plaque on the front matching the theme of the box. These are the first thing that the recipient sees when they receive the box and I think it makes a great first impression. I really want to keep the box afterwards too, I think anybody would if it was personalised to them. I can keep bits and bobs in it and I know it’ll make me smile every time I see it. It’s a perfect little keepsake in itself making the occasion special.

Included in each beautiful, personalised Celebration In A Box is: 

  • A candle. This is the biggest thing in the box. I have the scent “Fig & Wild Pear” and it smells absolute amazing. The tin is so high quality too and it’s got about 14 hours burn time so you know it’s going to last for ages. 
  • Matches. The perfect thing to go with the candle! There’s nothing worse then not having a lighter or matches to hand and means you can light it there and then. 
  • Confetti. This is an absolute essential as far as I’m concerned, yes it can be a bit messy but that’s half the fun isn’t it?? It’s easy to sprinkle over a table or bedding and matches theme of the box too. 
  • Last but not least, Balloons. Can you have a special occasion without balloons? Again, they are something that I think really change an occasion into something special.

The above is everything you need to get the party started. These boxes are a fun celebrative, token present to gift to a friend for their birthday, a wedding or any occasion. 

With everyone so busy these days, The Little Picture Company have taken the hassle out of ‘what to get’ for special occasions. They have designed party themes for every occasion from birthdays to weddings and of course, for anniversaries also.

There are so many options for different boxes, each one you see on their website can be personalised. You can add a name (even special dates) and you can even change the colour on some boxes.

Some of the boxes available include: Anniversary in a Box, Birthday in a Box, Congratulations in a Box, Flamingo Birthday in a Box, Graduation in a Box, Hen Party in a Box, Milestone Birthday in a Box, Mothers Day in a Box, New Baby ( boy or girl ) in a Box, New Home in a Box, New Year in a Box, Unicorn Birthday in a Box, Valentines Day in a Box and Wedding in a Box.

As you can see, even with just this box, I managed to throw a little desk party of my own. 

I wanted to also show you the personalised Celebration In A Box that I was sent for my friend’s wedding. As you can see, there really is as many themes as you can imagine and any personalisation is also okay too! I love the colours for this box, the black and white with the gold goes so well together and it’s so sleek looking. No matter what colours or “theme” the wedding is, this will match it. 

The box includes everything they could possibly need to celebrate. I like the idea of them having a little celebration using this, just them two. It could even be something that they could use after their honeymoon, once being married has sunk in a bit more. What better excuse to continue the celebrations?

These boxes are also easy to carry to a wedding venue or to gift at the pre wedding party, something they won’t be expecting! It’s something that’s also small enough to put in the post, making it a great gift for celebrating with loved ones far away.

Don’t you just love the Celebration In A Box?? I want to get one of every special occasion going forward! Honestly, you’ll lose hours on their website just looking at all their gorgeous, personalised gifts. 

Let me know your thoughts on these products! Will you be ordering something from The Little Picture Company in the future?

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