LoveLula Beauty Box | February

This is my first ever LoveLula box which I was so excited to receive through the post! To explain just a tiny bit, I was loving getting my Glossyboxes however I decided that I wanted to explore more natural and cruelty-free options within cosmetics. After some research, I found LoveLula and decided to get their subscription box for a few months! As well as being natural and cruelty-free there is also so many benefits from ordering from LoveLula, not only do they have their own website (not just a beauty box) they also offer free delivery and free samples! 

Each beauty box comes in a recycled box and unlike glossy box/most subscription boxes out there, you don’t get an actual box, just what they post the products in. I thought this would be weird and not make it feel as luxury however it doesn’t bother me at all and I haven’t noticed not having a box. Many beauty bloggers actually complain about recycling/packaging so I think they’ve really thought about this and it fits in with their branding. As well as the products, you receive a card listing everything you’ve gotten in the box, how to use it, where it’s from etc. This is pretty standard with beauty boxes however unlike some brands which include photos of the products, they’ve done theirs really simply and just listed everything. They have included the total value of the box though (which for this box is £37) this actually doesn’t matter to me but I’m sure some people will like seeing the value for money.

Madeira – Micellar Water
Micellar water has always been my favourite way of getting rid of make-up since it became popular in the uk. I have super sensitive eyes/skin and this is just the best way of removing make-up for me. I was super excited when I saw this product in the box as I use it almost every day. I love the simple packaging of this product, it does everything that it claims to, is really gentle and leaves your skin make-up free. It doesn’t have a harsh (or any) smell to it and you don’t have to use too much of it for it to work. My only issue is is that there isn’t much with a bottle of this size, this product won’t last me very long.

Weleda – Skin Food
I have heard of this product before but I’ve never tried it, I think it’s one of those cult products which has done the blogging rounds before however I never knew that it was a natural, cruelty free product. Although it says you can use this product in a variety of places (such as hands, feet, body etc) because it is a rich cream, I have only used this on my face. It feels a tiny bit greasy at first if you’re not used to it but it soon sinks in and leaves your skin feeling very moisturised and healthy. It is ideal for winter skin however I also think that this product could be good during the summer as a little hydrating treat. I use this at night however if you were to use it in the daytime I would allow it time to sink in before applying make-up.

Ooh! Oils of Heaven – Marula Oil
This is a new and exclusive product to LoveLula. It is a natural macula oil which is fast absorbing and full of nutrients such as vitamin E and C, fatty acids and antioxidants. I don’t have much experience with facial oils and this one also doesn’t come with any instructions of how to apply but I have used this a few times sparingly over the last few weeks. This isn’t the type of oil which would cause problems with my skin but anyone should be careful when applying oils as it can upset some skin. I have used a small amount of this and either mixed it in with my moisturiser or just applied it all over my face. Apart from leaving my skin moisturised I haven’t really noticed any difference to my skin. This is something which I think you have to continually use to see results.

Maggie Anne – Nail Polish
This is a product which I haven’t been able to use just yet however it is the perfect nude shade and would look really nice next to most skin tones. Maggie Anne is a toxin-free gel effect nail polish that offers high shine and a glossy finish. This sounds perfect for many people as it’s exactly what you want from a nail polish however as I have my nails done, this is only ever gonna be used for a pedicure or I might gift it to my sister.

Greenfrog – Botanical Bodywash
I was really intrigued to see this in my box as it looked really interesting and the smell of it is incredible, it’s so strong (in a good way) and smells very lemony to me which is a lovely fresh scent to definitely get you up in the morning! Apparently it is made from organic soapberries (I know, I had to google too) which are grown sustainably in the Himalayan Mountains. This body wash is the perfect product to treat sensitive or dry skin and will leave you clean and soft. It smells heavenly and although I haven’t been able to try this out yet, I am sure that this is something that I’m gonna love!

I was really pleased with everything that I received in this box and although at this point I could compare it to Glossybox, I actually don’t want to because they are both great in their own way. I’m looking forward to getting more of these boxes through the post in the future.

What did you think of this beauty box? Have you received anything from LoveLula before?