LOVE From Waterdrop.

The wonderful team over at Waterdrop sent me over their new release recently, their long waited for LOVE flavour (which is actually a re-release as it’s so popular!). 

I have been using Waterdrop products for about six months now and my love for the brand only grows. It’s so nice to find a brand that puts your wellbeing at the forefront of it. 

Their new flavour, LOVE, contains the dreamy trio of Pomegranate, Goji Berry and Schisandra. Its sugar-free, contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and also Folic Acid. Because waterdrop Microdrinks don’t contain sugar, they’re also perfect to drink if you’re diabetic. There are only 4 calories per Microdrink too. 

I have to say, this is probably my favourite flavour that I’ve tried so far… and I’ve tried a lot of their Microdrinks! 

As with every Microdrink, you pop the tab in a glass of water (or your waterdrop bottle), let it dissolve and then you’re good to go. These flavours are not overpowering at all. They’re very gentle and subtle but offer a flavour to your water which is actually good for you (and not full of sugar like some drinks can be). 

The tabs of the Microdrinks are very small and discreet which makes them perfect for popping in your handbag and for general travel. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to my Steel Waterdrop Bottle too. I take this bottle everywhere with me, every time I leave the house. It can take a beating too (I drop everything) but still looks brand new. It keeps my water so cold (you can even pop a hot drink in here but I haven’t tried that… yet) and it also holds 600ml so I never go thirsty. I feel like with Christmas coming up (yes, you heard that right) they would be a wonderful gift for someone too and you can get them in literally every single colour you could think of!

You can see my previous post featuring Waterdrop here. Have you tried anything from Waterdrop before?