Lottie London | A look at some of their products & my thoughts

Lottie London were part of a cruelty free Asos wishlist that I put together a little while ago which focused on beauty, rather than clothes as I felt their beauty section never got as much of a focus even though it’s really great. I noticed Lottie London on there and instantly fell in love with a lot of their products, I think they’re the perfect mix of high quality products with fun, cool packaging which reminds me of Topshop make-up a little bit.

I decided to pick up a few of their products recently as I was feeling like treating myself (when don’t I) but also I needed a new powder so it worked out well. I picked up four items, I probably didn’t need two primers but there you go.

Ready Set! Go Translucent Powder 
Insta Filter Pore Eraser Stick 
B.A.E Illuminating Primer 
Get The Look Palette #Selfie 

I have a few favourites within these items however I did also get the powder in the wrong colour, I got this colour because the other one was sold out however this one is too warm for me. I’m still gonna use it and when I’m slightly more tanned it’ll be fine. I got this loose powder as I’ve been “baking” under my eyes and under where I put my bronzer recently to help set/enhance my make-up and it has been working really well.

Another product which I’ve been loving and using everyday is the #Selfie palette. I’m not crazy about the highlight or bronzer that they have included however the blush is my absolute favourite at the moment. It gives such a nice rosy glow to the cheeks and the shade works really well with my skin tone, its also quite pigmented so you don’t need tons. I’m not that happy with the style of the packaging as the thin strips are so hard to get a brush into properly, but I can live with this. I’m not been using the eyeshadows too much lately as I’ve been wearing quite natural make-up however these seem quite pigmented and I really like the colours which have they included.

The last two things which I’ve been using all the time are the primers, one technically isn’t a primer but a “pore eraser”. I’ve been wearing these together as I feel like they do two different things. The Before Anything Else Primer is a nice, light pink colour which disappears into your skin, I’ve been putting all over my face. The Insta Filter Stick is a twist up, gluey type consistency which I’ve been using mainly under my eyes, down my nose and across my chin and forehead. I think that these two have really helped make my make-up last a lot longer and they work quite well together. I’ve also been loving mixing the illuminating primer and the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator for a really glory base.

I’ve enjoyed trying more of this brand and I think that they have some great products, which are a high quality and also a little fun. I’m really pleased with all the items which I picked up, I think they would make good additions to anyones make-up bag. Their foundations and concealers also look quite interesting so this these will probably be the next things that I treat myself to.

Have you tried anything from Lottie London before? What do you think of their products?
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