Little Lifestyle Changes


The new year is a time that kind of creeps up on everyone, throughout December everyone is filled with excitement and stress and you don’t realise how calm and quiet the months following Christmas can be. It can also be a depressing time for some people (due to the condition SAD), or just a bit bleak and boring. However I find that the first few months of the year are a  perfect time to get organised, motivated and prepared for the brighter months ahead. There’s so much that you can do at this time of year to get you through the month, allowing you to enjoy this time of year and stop you from dreading winter.


01. One of the main things that I like to do is try to be a bit healthier, now losing weight is shoved down our throats so much after Christmas however I don’t think you nessecially have to make big life changes to see the differences being healthy makes, even small changes benefit us more than people realise so why not make some little changes. Take part in dry January, cut out meat on Mondays, reduce your coffee intake and drink more fruity teas, cut out fizzy drinks, go on little walks instead of driving everywhere, park your car further away from the shops then normal. All these small changes can have a big impact and they’ll become second nature in no time.

02. As we all know, Winter can be quite dreary in terms of weather, take this week for example, I don’t think I’ve seen the sun once yet and it makes such a big impact on my mood/day as I’m just not getting enough Vitamin D. Something that I think makes a big different to me is making sure that I take multi-vitamins, this so easily overlooked and often forgotten about. My mum would always make us take vitamins as a kid but growing up and having to look after my own health, I’ve completely forgotten just how much of a boost they can give. I’ve been trying out a brand called “Get More” recently. I’ve been drinking their Vitamin A drink which is less than 10 calories a bottle and also sugar free. It supports healthy skin and vision and is a great alternative to taking vitamins, and it taste great, the blackberry and blueberry flavour is really lovely and refreshing. I like knowing that I can enjoy this drink while knowing it’s taking care of me. As well as this, they also sent me over some multivitamin gum – something which I’ve never heard of before, getting vitamins from a gum! It’s a sugar free gum which also contains a 25% daily dose of 10 vitamins including B3, B12 and vitamins C and D. This means that I get a good dose of daily vitamins easily.

03. Something that I’m also trying to stop doing is being SO busy all the time. I think being busy is confused with being productive so often, and it’s not something that should be celebrated. For instance on my one day off last week, I filled the day with all the little bits that I had to do that I didn’t end up relaxing or resting at all and it seemed like I didn’t even have a day off! I think I really need to make the most of my free time and relax with tea, bed and blankets instead of rushing about all day. I’m going to try and be more productive with my time management and make sure I complete tasks the day/night before where possible so I can have a proper rest.


04. I was recently getting ready while watching youtube (something I do often) and clicked on a video about “How to be a Morning Person”, now I’m not sure why I really watched this as I already am a morning person (getting up at about 5.50am every morning, ugh) but one thing that she did say was that making your bed every morning when you wake up can really change your life. There is also a Ted Talk on this and various videos and it might sound silly but doing that one little task in the morning really does encourage you to do other tasks throughout the day. Coming home to a made bed is so rewarding and even if you had a bad day it reassures you that tomorrow will be better.

05. Staying positive is perhaps one of the hardest things to do during winter, it only ever seems to rain now, there’s nothing to look forward to (like Christmas for example, and for those that are single, Valentine’s Day is about to get thrown at you. One of the biggest things that makes a difference in life is staying positive, it makes such a difference to you and also the people around you. If I’m a bit stressed out, moody or anxious about something my boyfriend will often pick up on those feelings and sometimes it can effect him. But by talking out any worries that you have before it comes to that can help so much. Try to change your perspective of the situation and focus on the positive instead of worrying about the negatives.

These are a few changes which I have been trying to make this year, let me know if they help or inspire you at all! I would love to know if there’s any lifestyle changes that you’ve been making recently. Make sure that you’re following me on Instagram and Bloglovin to never post a post by me!