Lipstick For People Who Don’t Wear Lipstick


As some of you may or may not know, I’m not the biggest lipstick person. I have tons of eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and blushers galore but lipstick.. lipstick I’ll happily skip in favour of just a sheer lip balm.

I always love the idea of lipstick, I would love to be one of those people who can wear a fresh face, swipe on some lipstick and look done up and glowing. I’m not sure what it is, but lipstick doesn’t suit me. If I wear anything brighter than a nude, it makes me look like a kid playing in their mums make up drawer. It makes my face look odd, like my features aren’t in proportion. I’ve had people tell me that this is probably just a confidence thing. It’s not.

I’ve tried tons of shades of lipsticks over the years, anything from reds, berry tones, oranges, pinks and even a deep purple. Somehow knowing that lipstick doesn’t suit me doesn’t stop me from buying it.

However, one shade of lipstick that does suit me, is nude lipstick. I’m a big fan of that “your lips but better” shade and I’ve been lucky enough to find some absolute lipstick gems over the years. If I could never wear any other shades but these, I’d be happy.

Most of my lipsticks have just come from the drugstore. I can’t help myself but every time I go in either Superdrug or Boots, I search for the next lipstick that will be “the one”.

I wanted to talk you through some of the lipsticks that I find myself wearing daily. I’ve bought some before that I will just wear once and then end up throwing away however these are all such good quality. I think that nude lipsticks are a good place to start if you’re new to the lipstick world, or if like me, they’re the only ones that suit you.


Probably one of my favourite ever lipsticks is from a brand called MDM Flow. The gold packaging is the prettiest packaging that I’ve ever seen used for lipsticks, so eye-catching. I have a few different shades and they feature in so many of my photos that you’ve probably seen these before. I have one called “bossy” which started my love affair with this brand, (post here). If you’re a nude lipstick lover like me then I’d definitely suggest checking this shade out.

Another favourite which I’ve been wearing a lot recently is from L’Oreal Paris. One of the Colour Riche lipsticks in 642. These lipsticks have the nicest finishes, I’m not a matt kind of girl so these are perfect for me. I need to try some of their other shades.

I have various other lipsticks that I love to wear too, some of my favourite affordable ones are from Topshop. I find they always have such a good lipstick selection and they are really inexpensive too for the quality. If your store stocks them, I’d definitely recommend trying out the Lip Bullets. They can make the packaging quite messy but the colours are lovely, they’re really long lasting too.

A brand that I find have really good quality lipsticks are Essense. They’re quite an inexpensive brand (I think their lipsticks are £2.30!), I know that can put some people off but I find their lipsticks are really good qaulity. I love finding a make up favourite that’s cheap too. Essense also have some lovely mascaras.

I also wanted to mention that I received a Ted Baker Gift set last year which has a lovely nude lipstick in. I’m not sure if this set is still available or if you can get the lipstick on its own but price doesn’t essentially dictate quality. I’d recommend Ted Baker for its beauty as not only is everything they create absolutely stunning but the products are also really lovely.

And finally, if you want to add a hint of colour without going all out. I’d recommend starting with a tinted lipbalm, these add the perfect amount of sheer colour without being heavy, you probably won’t even realise you’re wearing anything on your lips! I really like the ones from Pixi, I was lucky enough to win these in a giveaway (you can read a post on them here) and I’ve gotten quite a lot of use out of them. I find that these are good for days where I don’t want to wear much make up but I still want to look put together. These are also really nourishing for your lips.

Soap & Glory also do a really lovely nude lipgloss called Sexy Mother Pucker (I know) which adds volume to your lips, it basically makes them appear plumper and fuller. You can wear this on it’s own and it adds a nice shine. I do find this product a bit strange though as it really tingles when you wear it. Perhaps I’ll be brave and give it another go.


What nude lipsticks do you recommend?

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