Life With Botanics


Anyone who follows my instagram and reads my blog (um, hi) must know by now just how much I adore the Botanics skincare range. I’m part of an ambassador brand scheme for them and it’s something that I’ve loved being a part of as I just can’t get enough of the brand. They do some of my favourite skincare products ever and I can’t imagine not using their products now. I like to do little updates on what I’ve been loving from them every so often (which you will have seen if you’re a regular reader) and I felt like it was about time I did another post! 


I was sent some new goodies from them just before christmas (best christmas present ever) and I’ve really enjoyed trialling all the different products. When I get sent new products to try, I always make sure I use them for a good while before writing about them as I like to really make sure that I love them. However it becomes apparent pretty quickly if I don’t like or get on with something. 

I was lucky enough to be sent the Radiant Youth Protecting Day Cream (with SPF 15), the Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser, the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (with Rosehip and it’s also 97% Organic) and my favourite little product out of the bunch which is the Hydrating Super Balm (also 97% Organic). 

The Protecting Day Cream was something that I started using straight away as I needed something super hydrating for my skin as the cold weather was really making it dry, this was then showing up more with make up as foundation seems to highlight any dry patches on my face (yay). The day cream really sorted out my dry skin, making it glowy, smooth and hydrated again. I also love the addition of SPF (something I really need to up my game with) and unlike some facial moisturisers, this one isn’t greasy and doesn’t have a strong, harsh smell. It just leaves your skin super soft and healthy looking. A little goes a long way with this so I’m sure I’ll be using this product for months.

I also started using the Super Balm here and there. I didn’t get the full benefit of this product at first as I made the mistake of putting it in my bathroom. It’s much more suited to being at your desk, bedside table or even in your pocket/handbag. It’s the perfect little essential that you need day to day which sorts out any dry patches or skin thats not looking it’s best. 


Apparently it’s meant to be used every day in the morning, after cleansing however I find this a bit too heavy for my skin, it melts in lovely and doesn’t look greasy or sticky but I put make up on straight away after moisturising and I don’t think this would make the best base for make up as it’s so hydrating. In my opinion, this product would be much more suited to using at night, after a pamper or deep cleanse. If you have any dry patches (my eyelids weirdly can get quite dry) then pop some of this on, get a good nights sleep and wake up to refreshed, hydrated radiant looking skin. It’s also wonderful for putting on any dry skin, be that elbows, nails/hands or even around your nose when you have a cold and your skin gets all flaky from all the tissue use (glamorous I know!). 

I also made my boyfriend use this when he got really bad skin around his mouth/lips from the cold weather, skin can get quite damaged from the cold (and wind) but this cleared it up really quickly and even he commented on how nice it made his skin again. 


The Hot Cloth Cleanser and Hydration Burst Cleanser are two things that I’m still currently trialling as I’ve found these two products the hardest to get to grips with. I think they’re both really lovely products, gentle without any harsh smells and they even leave your skin hydrated which is exactly what you want from a cleanser. I’m just not sure just how well they’re suited to me. I’ve used them both a good couple of times, however sometimes I find that the Hot Cloth Cleanser can leave my skin a bit greasy, almost like I haven’t taken it off properly (which could be the case). I also find that it doesn’t remove any last little bits of make up that are left on my face but sort of just moves them around? I want to give this product another chance as I think it’s probably just me not using it properly but some products just don’t suit some peoples skin unfortunately. 

The hydration Burst Cleanser I have mainly used in the morning so far. It’s a gel cleanser which transforms into more of a milk cleanser when it comes into contact with water. I have mainly used this with a flannel as otherwise I don’t think this would be enough to make my skin feel clean. I’m one of those people that really likes to scrub at my face however I am trying to use products which are less harsh (so this is perfect) and the flannel gives me that gentle exfoliation that I think I need. I think that so far, I get on with this cleanser well and it leaves my skin looking soft however the only issue I have with it is that I feel like I have to use quite a large amount, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to last me. 


The photos above show just how extensive my collection got at one point however certain products have now been used up so this is a sort of empties collection post as well. I’ve got a good three months use out of the products that I’ve used up which is with daily (even morning and night) use. I know when Botanics rebranded that they did put the price up for some of their products which some people weren’t so happy with but really, for the quality of the product and how much use you get out of them, I think they are completely worth the money. 

My collection has reduced slightly now as I’ve used up some of these products and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to try out so many different skincare products as it has changed and improved my skin for the better and I’m really finding out what works for me and what doesn’t. 

A standout product for me is their day creams as these leave my skin so glowy and hydrated and I know that if I use these I’m starting the day right and looking after my skin. I especially love the ones with SPF in as it makes sure I’m protecting my skin, which will keep it looking younger in the long run and cuts out a step that is sometimes a bit of a faff. I am always guilty of not applying SPF protection even though I know just how important it is but honestly most of the time I forget so having a day cream with SPF included is a life saver. 

I would love to know if you’ve tried any products from Botanics before or if you’d like to give this skincare range a go!