June Goals


I know that I’m a tiny bit late with this post, I normally like to upload goal posts on the 1st of every month, but lately, I’ve been so busy and run down, a couple days late isn’t too much of an issue! I think this is definitely something I need to work on for the month ahead, I need to stress and worry less!

May was a funny old month, it seemed to go quick and slow all at the same time. It’s normally one of my favourite months in terms of weather, as it’s normally not too hot or cold. However, we had some proper hot days! The bf and I have constantly had the fan on in our flat, one of the best things we ever bought.

At the start of May, I felt so productive and happy, I finally felt like I had a good routine going with my blog (posting every other day) but this all stopped once my week off started. Sometimes I forget to share stuff online when I’m just having a week away from everything and living. I don’t want my phone always in my hand either, there’s too much pressure to share everything. And sometimes life isn’t glamorous and I don’t feel like sharing. I would, however, like to share some more lifestyle shots on my Instagram. I feel like I constantly share the same kind of images and that’s great, I do like the photos I take however I think my insta needs more variety and “me”.

01. We have finally painted the flat. Now I can stop going on about it! Thank god. It honestly took so much longer than I thought it would, pretty much from Saturday afternoon (didn’t want to miss that royal wedding!) to Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I think we did a pretty good job if I say so myself (just don’t look at the patchy ceiling). I think it’s definitely time to move onto the fun part of interiors, the styling! I can’t wait to add more life through furnishings and plants. I’ve seen some lovely cushions that I want to add to our sofa and bed to brighten up the space and we recently bought the Ikea Vittsjo shelves which we just need to spray paint white. There’s always something to do!

02. This month I really want to focus on myself, self care and my health. I recently noticed that my neck was looking slightly swollen and after seeing a doctor, I now need to have some blood tests done to determine whether it’s my thyroid or not (which I really hope it isn’t). I think I need to take this time for myself to make some healthy life changes and decisions. Work on my confidence as well. This has really knocked me (not that I was ever that confident before). My skin has also gotten quite bad again. This is something I have a seemingly constant battle with as it’ll be lovely and clear for ages and then suddenly I’ll have loads of blemishes. I think I need to make sure I’m using some hydrating products, face masks and also make sure I’m drinking enough water!

03. Enjoy more seasonal activities. I’m so guilty for finishing work and just eating dinner and relaxing on the sofa before bed, waiting for my days off to be a bit more adventurous. However I’m beginning to realise just how stupid that is, I need to stop living for the weekend and make the most of my time. All my time even the time that I have in the week. Even things like going for a walk in the evenings to enjoy the weather or stopping for a coffee somewhere. Coffee chats, date nights and going to the cinema are all things I can do to brighten up my evenings.

04. I want to try and change up my content on my Instagram and blog, add more lifestyle shots and more personality into everything I do. I need to take inspiration from the accounts that I love to follow. I also need to decide on how I like my Instagram photos to look. I don’t have a certain way of editing images so some can be quite warm toned while others are quite cool tones and sometimes I don’t think my grid fits together that well. This is something I’d like to work on. I want to find more of a theme that I can stick to. Everyone seems to be selling or making their own presets now so perhaps thats something I need to do too?!

What are your goals for the month ahead?