July Goals

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I won’t start this post with my usual few lines about how fast this year is going, I think we’re all too aware that it’s July already and it’ll soon be Christmas before we know it. It’s ironic, as I write these goals posts every month however sometimes I don’t think I’m achieving every much this year at all. Does anyone else worry about how quickly time is going and that you might wake up one day at forty, still feeling stuck? No? Just me then.

I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much since my post last month. I think I’m mainly feeling quite unmotivated at the moment. I think everyone has periods where they feel unmotivated, it’s a hard feeling to overcome and takes time and effort. Neither of which I feel like I have right now.

I’m hoping that this month I’ll feel a bit more positive. It’s July, England is having a very unusual heat wave which has lasted all week (apart from today as I type this as it’s meant to rain) and I’m looking forward to long evenings in the sunshine. These next couple of months are generally some of my favourites and I love how late summer soon turns into Autumn.

01. After a few recent events, I’ve found that I really want to put my head down for a couple of months and just live quietly. This sounds like an odd thing to say but I’m currently having issues with my health, it’s a long process and I don’t have anything concrete yet, which is leaving me exhausted. It’s also got me questioning everything, and wondering if certain feelings are a result of this “thing” which has yet to be diagnosed. Obviously, I’m extremely thankful for the NHS but everything’s been a bit up in the air since the beginning of June and I’m just willing the process to hurry up at this point. Yes, it’s personal however I wouldn’t mind talking about it as, after all, this blog is my space to share what I want. I just don’t feel like I can share anything until I know for certain what’s going on.

02. I think that these two few months are the perfect months for appreciating what England has to offer. I wouldn’t mind flying off somewhere dreamy for a week or two, who would say no. But I do feel like we should make the most of the place that we live. I live in Bournemouth which has glorious beaches but also just hanging out in my families back gardens with the dogs and a BBQ going sounds good to me.

03. Recently, I’ve had one of the busiest weeks. I always feel like, after work, my boyfriend and I don’t feel like doing anything, as even going to the cinema in the evening can tire us out. I touched on this in my last post, saying how I wanted to make the most of the evenings and not just wait until my days off. After this week, I really feel like we’ve achieved this. It wasn’t anything crazy, just a few evenings hanging out with friends (which was lovely) and some time to ourselves having a wander around the area we live, but it really makes me appreciate how much time I have that can sometimes seem like it goes to waste. I think it’s mainly about balance and also how you feel on certain days, as obviously you don’t want to push yourself to go out if you’d rather stay in and watch Netflix. I want to continue this and I’m thinking of doing a blog post about it, sharing my tips so if that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know!

I don’t really have anything specific that I want to do this month, I’m happy just to see what happens and appreciate the little moments, like enjoying the lighter evenings, good weather and seeing family. I also want to concentrate on posting regularly on my blog again after only posting three times in June. I have quite a few posts planned so you’ll be seeing a lot of new content on here.

What are your plans for July?