July Goals.

I don’t put too much pressure on myself this month as I have some things on which might make the month a little bit complicated for me. I mainly just want to enjoy the month as we’re really getting into summer now and each day is just so hot and sunny. I’m not actually a fan of the hot weather but I really want to make an effort to enjoy summer this year as often I wish the hot months away.

01. One of my biggest goals for this month is to finish off my Nan’s garden. Some of you might have seen and followed along on Instagram stories (and thank you so much if you have!) and seen that my dad and I have been renovating her garden for her as she can’t garden much, if at all anymore. She lives out in “the country” as she calls it (but definitely isn’t) and gets a lot of foxes and wild plants growing which makes it difficult for her to keep her garden looking nice. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting her garden sorted but also looking nice for her and we’ve got a little corner left to work away at before the general garden maintenance begins. It’s also her birthday this month which she normally goes away for so I’d like to surprise her for when she comes back with getting everything finished.

02. Another big goal of mine this month and one that is so so important is to spend some money on a few sustainable purchases. This mainly just means that I want to get some reusable cotton pads for removing make up and cleansing and some metal straws. I’d also like to try out a Mooncup (sorry for TMI!). There are a few other things on my list (like a KeepCup) but if anyone has any other sustainable product suggestions of what to swap that I haven’t thought of then I’d love to know.

03. I’ve mentioned it a little bit already but for the first two weeks of this month, I have to stay on a very strict diet which basically means I’m vegan. This is fine as I normally have a vegetarian diet anyway but it does mean that the low calcium in my blood star I struggle with anyway, can pay up (which it has done). Annoyingly enough, I feel like my tastes have changed already and I’m really starting to enjoy this diet. Ideally, I’d like to finish this diet but continue healthy eating. However, it might not mean that I’ll be able to stay vegan as getting enough calcium is one of the biggest health risks for me. This is something I’ll have to take on board but I think little health goals would be something for me to work towards instead. Such as continuing couch to 5k and not having a takeaway for the whole of July. I’d also like to start taking some vitamins such as Vitamin D and Biotin.

I think because I’ve suffered with my health, this is an important goal for me and I just want to feel like I’m looking after myself more.

05. My boyfriend doesn’t know about this goal as I’m pretty sure he’d complain (this makes him sound so bad haha) but I really want to get another plant baby this month. I feel like I’ve really upped my plant game and I’m managing to keep my Monstera alive (after some difficulties) so something easy and low maintenance (but not a cactus) would be perfect. I would like a String of Hearts however I know they can be difficult to look after or something like a Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Any easy to look after plant suggestions would be appreciated!

What are your goals for July?