January Goals


There’s no mistaking it, the Christmas magic is all but gone and we’re in the lovely, calm and refreshing (but sometimes a bit bleak) month that is January. And with that, comes resolutions and goals for the year, month or even week. Now I’m normally someone who writes this long list of resolutions that I want to complete by the of that year.. and I end up completing none of them. This year, instead of resolutions I want to create a blog series that I actually stick to where I share some goals for that month.

This is nothing ground breaking (everyone and their mum does posts like this!) but I like the idea of compiling a list of things to get done. Who doesn’t like a good old list?!

This could be anything from buying a house (lol not quite yet) to baking a cake but I want to enjoy moments more, the little or big moments that make up the months that normally sort of pass by unnoticed and oh before you know it it’s already June. 

This way I will hopefully enjoy and make the most of each season. 


  • Buy a new xbox game – something Lego that my boyfriend and I can spend an evening getting lost in (and probably arguing over!)
  • Keep on indulging in wintery treats such as streaming mugs of hot chocolates with all the marshmallows and going for long wintery walks to see the changing season in all it’s glory
  • Save at least £100 and actually put it into my savings account and not just leave it in my current account “just in case”
  • Finish watching Gilmore Girls, I started watching this all the way back in November when I was unwell and my boyfriend got into it too so we started watching it together and now we’ve nearly finished season three 
  • Create a media Kit – something that I’ve been meaning to do for so long 
  • Put plans in place for my driving – I’m determined to pass this year  as I’ve put it off for too long. This is a difficult one for me but I feel like my life is on hold until I get it done


Some other goals for this month..

  • Get my sister the most amazing Birthday gift – She’s moved house recently so I’m thinking either homeware or something pampering for her to relieve all the stress!
  • Go to ikea and pick up some candles, all the gold home accessories and some new wine glasses as I broke one
  • Plan something fun for my weekend off thats coming up, it’ll be the first couple of days of that my boyfriend and I have together for a little while and I want to make the most of it
  • Do something with my room – it’s a total mess and I think changing up some of the furniture might help, I’ll have to do a lot of research on pinterest first 

These are just some lovely little easy achievable things for this month which I’m hoping to get done. I think setting myself some little goals each month is better and more achievable than goals for the whole year that normally revolve around losing weight that I’m never going to achieve. Some people are so against goals in general but I think setting some is a good thing as long as they are achievable. 

What are some of your goals for the month/week/year?