Introducing… The XOXO.

AD | Gifted (All photos, opinions and content is my own)

I have a very exciting new launch which I wanted to share with you today. Valentine’s Day of all days, which is fitting as this is a real treat for your skin. The wonderful people over at Fuel PR recently got in touch offering me the chance to try out Magnitone’s new release, The XOXO: Mirco-Sonic Soft-Touch Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush. I obviously jumped at the chance as I’ve been a lover of Magnitone products for so long. I was so so happy when this turned up in the post. Even happier when I saw they sent me the green one as it’s my favourite colour out of the two available.

There’s so much information I’d love to share about this. First of all, isn’t it gorgeous? I love the compact size, it’s perfect for travel and has a USB charger so you never have to be without it. One charge (which takes about two-three hours) should last for over a month. It’s also obviously 100% waterproof.

I’ve used this a couple of times already and it really does give you such baby soft skin. Magnitone suggests that you remove all your make up first for the best results and just use with your favourite cleanser. You can also use any cleanser which I love as this fits right into your normal skincare routine.

I love how it’s totally personal and customisable as you can choose whichever corner you want to use. The small bristles are perfect for oily/normal skin. The short flat bristles are designed for sensitive or dry skin and the long bristles are for a deeper massage. However, you can use different corners for different areas of your face if you have combination skin.

You simply wet the brush, turn it on and then choose whichever speed you prefer. You don’t use this to scrub your face, but rather glide the brush over your skin in small circles. The XOXO used new Mirco-Sonic technology and is a gentle way to cleanse. It’s designed for sensitive skin as it doesn’t strip away your skins natural moisture which is perfect as my skin can be so sensitive sometimes but this doesn’t affect it at all.

The technology behind it is really cool as The XOXO sends 8000 micro vibrations a minute into your skin to purge pores and massage, which is not only great for your skin but it also keeps it supple and helps to remove impurities. The XOXO is made from high-grade PurO Silicone so is naturally antibacterial and will never need replacing.

I have loved using this over the past few days. It fits really nicely into my routine already and I don’t find it an issue to use it. I love how small it is, and it really feels like it’s making a difference to my skin already (only time will tell!). It definitely allows the skincare that I use after to really sink in properly. I want to do another update after I’ve been using this for a while so expect that coming soon!

What do you think of this new launch from Magnitone? Is it something you’d like to try?

The XOXO retails for £40 and is available now.