Introducing: Phase Zero Make Up

I was recently very lucky and (somehow) managed to win the lovely Kate’s beautiful giveaway of all these Phase Zero Make Up items. This is a brand which I have seen everywhere all over social media recently however, never got the chance to try.. until now. I am terrible at exploring new make up brands and actually buying make up as I never usually have any money left for make up that isn’t just my usual foundation, concealers etc that I “need”. 

I tend to only enter giveaways if I actually have an interest in what is being offered as what’s the point in me winning it if I don’t actually use/like the brand. As soon as I saw this giveaway though I had to enter. I’m very thankful to Kate for hosting such a lovely giveaway and so happy and grateful that I won. She sent the parcel so quick too so I’ve been using all these lovely products for a little while now and really wanted to share my thoughts.

I’ve actually not been wearing too much make up recently because in England we’ve had a heatwave which seems to have gone on forever, I’m not someone who generally copes well in the heat either. I can do it on holiday but when it’s 30 degrees and you’re trying to walk to work and not look like a sweaty mess all day it’s not fun. If I have been wearing make up it is very minimal however I have managed to give all these lovely bits a try and can confirm that they do really well in the heat, even with me not wearing much make up, sweating and touching my face a lot, these have all lasted a long on my skin and looked as good after about eight hours of wear as they did when I first applied them. 

At first, I was most interested in the cream eyeshadows, the shade “Foxy” really caught my eye. It’s a burnt orange with subtle shimmer which can be used as alone or as a base colour for other shadows. These eyeshadows are creamy, very thick and also highly pigmented. To get used to using a cream product, I started by applying a small amount and smudging it with my finger so it wasn’t such a harsh line. I do find you can also build these up to get your desired look and they also mix really nicely together. I’ve used “Foxy” all over my lid before and then blended “Simmer” into it. I really like using warm colours as I find they bring out my eyes so these are perfect for me. 

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never really used cream eyeshadows before however I’ve found them really easy to use. Something I partically like is that there’s no fall out, this is something which can happen easily with powder eyeshadows.

As well as the cream eyeshadows I also received two of their coconut water liquid eyeshadows. These are in the shades “Romance” which is a really lovely pinky rose champagne shade and also “Gilded” which is a classic golden colour. These are a different formula to the cream shadows. Whereas the cream shadows are thick, these are basically liquid. You need to make sure that you shake the bottle well and also work quickly as they dry down and don’t budge after they’re dry.

I haven’t worn these too much yet however I have found both these shades very long lasting. I’ve mentioned it a few times on my blog but I have very watery eyes, which isn’t helped with this weather as it seems to send my hay fever out of control. Because of this, I’m always on the lookout for long lasting products and tend to shy away from eyeshadow as I just don’t find that it lasts long on me. 

I’ve totally fallen in love with the shade “Romance“. As I think it is the perfect pinky, rosy champagne shade. I love to use it on it’s own, it really adds something special to your make up without being too dramatic. I find all these eyeshadows really quick and easy to apply, they take no time at all to use and I actually think they’re less hassle than normal eyeshadow. 

To my surprise, Kate also included some other little goodies for me to try, something I wasn’t expecting but is oh so appreciated. So I’ve also been using some of their other cream eyeshadows too, these are slightly different to the other cream eyeshadows as they’re in pots. I’m not too sure what the difference between these is but they do feel like a different formula as they seem really thick and also have chunkier glitter. I have the shades “Cigar” which is a lovely neutral bronze brown shade. I also have “Smudge” which is a golden brown shade, it looks more gold on their website.

Smudge is a really lovely shade which will bring out the best of blue/green eyes. Last but not least I also have “Army” which is a classic khaki shade which has gold undertones while the others seem more sliver based. This is the shade that I’ve probably used least so far but I do really love the colour. These colours definitely apply best with fingers and are so easy to blend. Like all these products, they can be used alone or together with other shadows. I think these would look really good as the finishing touch to a make up look. 

I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with these new make up bits and I think I’ve discovered a brand which I really like and will continue to buy from in the future. Everyone needs to go follow Kate and also check out Phase Zero Make Up as I really like this brand and I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve tried so far. 

What does everyone think of cream eyeshadows? Do you like the look of this brand?