How To Still Feel Like You During This New Normal.

I’m someone who is already used to spending a lot of time at home. I lived at home during college and uni, during my first few jobs, and during being “sick”. I’m also definitely a homebody as my home/space is my favorite place to be, surrounded by my favourite things.

There’s a lot of people out there though who aren’t used to being at home so much. The first few weeks of lockdown were probably quite a novelty and now you’re probably finding yourself a bit “stuck” and a bit bored.

I’d just like to highlight the fact that this is the first major thing that a lot of us have lived through in our lives and no one is doing it “right”. If you want to take this opportunity to learn a new skill or start an exercise routine from home then do it BUT if you don’t want to do anything like that and just want to get through this strange time then that’s obviously fine too. There’s no right or wrong way to live through a pandemic.

I think spending time doing what you WANT to do is the key here. If you want to experiment with going longer between hair washes or with your outfits then do it. If you want to spend this whole time with your hair scraped up in a messy bun, watching Netflix in joggers then DO IT.

I would definitely recommend having some structure to your day though. Nobody likes change but having some kind of routine in place can really help separate the weekdays from the weekends and break up your days so you don’t feel like you’re just on repeat.

Elliot and I still get up around the same time each day, apart from weekends that are slightly different. We’re the kinds of people who like to wake up early and go to bed early so we’re still in that same routine as before. Elliot is also working from home so keeping to this has definitely helped him be in that “work” mindset.

If you’re one of those people who are working from home, I’d definitely suggest doing everything you were doing BEFORE lockdown. Showering and getting yourself ready for the day makes a massive difference. Even if you’re wearing joggers, it really helps with your productivity as you’ve already accomplished something even before you start work. Making your bed helps with this too. It’s something about getting the little things done that then makes you want to achieve bigger things.

If you’re not working (technically like myself) or on furlough, having “day” and “night” tasks can really help. You can sit and watch Netflix all day, you’re perfectly entitled to (you do you) but sometimes you want to feel a little more productive, which will make your evening Netflix binge all that more enjoyable. With Elliot working, I also try to complete various tasks during the day to leave the evenings free for us to hang out together.

The kind of things you could do during the day could be anything from cleaning, blogging, reading, or playing a game (I remember a switch). You could re-organize your cupboards, beauty products, or find a better storage solution for items that never seem to have a home. If there are any bigger tasks to do like giving your room a glow-up by painting it or gardening then these are perfect to do during the day too. Honestly, these “day” tasks can be anything, they just have to be something you do during the day and not in the evening, as this is when you have your “night” tasks. These are things you generally save for the evenings, like cooking a nice dinner, drinking wine, watching movies or having a bath/pamper. It might sound a bit trivial but try it, it really helps to keep these things separate.

The other thing I’d say to do is try to keep your weekdays and your weekends different. As I’ve said, Elliot and I already have this one down as he’s working during the week, so there are still certain things we have to “save” for the weekend anyway. I’d highly suggest doing this if you’re not working though. You might be tempted to think “oh well I could just do that now” but saving it for the weekend means you have that plan in place and something to look forward to.

We like to spend our weekends having a slower morning, enjoying coffee in bed made using the caffetiere, cooking breakfast together, and just doing everything slower as there’s no rush. We also try to watch a movie on the weekends as sometimes Elliot’s shifts don’t allow for long films in the evenings and we also stay up later to try and capture that “weekend” feeling. We might go for a little walk or cycle, Elliot always ropes me into tinkering about on his car too and I make him pop a face mask on for an evening pamper! We’re very laid back people and I think the nicest weekends we have is when we’re just pottering about.

I’d love to know how everyone is coping during this time, it feels like it’s going on forever but we’ve just got to remember that we’re #safeathome and we should perhaps try to embrace being at home during this time!

Any tips for feeling “normal” during this time?