How To Stay Happy At Home.

In regards to recent news, I thought I’d share a post on my thoughts & tips on some of the things that I do to stay happy when I spend time at home. This is something that I’m quite used to as I was unemployed for a time (and now I’m self-employed, but still mostly based at home).

Being at home might be something that you’re doing because you have to but there’s a lot of people out there (myself included) who are self-distancing anyway. I think this time could be quite scary however, there are lots of things you could do from home which would make this period of time a lot easier.

If you’re working from home, then make sure you have that routine in place that keeps you productive. Get up at your normal time, get dressed/ready, make your bed and go and work from your desk or table. I really wouldn’t recommend staying in bed/working from bed, not even as a “treat” because it really does hinder your productivity AND if you spend all your time in bed, it messes up your sleeping pattern.

Now is the perfect time to get on with those things that always get pushed aside, cleaning, DIY or starting that series that you always mean to watch without the distraction (or temptation) of going out.

Move the furniture and hoover under it, do a wardrobe declutter/sort out/re-arrange. Sort out any washing or even ironing. I hate ironing things so I will normally put it off but pop on a good feel-good playlist and just do it!

I also find going through products and throwing out anything that’s old is a really good way to declutter. A lot of medicines go past their use-by date without anyone knowing/checking so I always like to go through them every so often.

Wash your make up brushes and sanitise your make up products. Water your plants – take them all to the bathroom and give them all a good hosing down. You should also wipe their leaves to remove dust too.

If you want to take this opportunity and watch a million episodes of a Netflix series then do it. There’s nothing better than staying in, getting cosy in Pjs, under blankets and watching films. I’ve been meaning to rewatch allll the Harry Potter films from the start, and now is the perfect time to do it.

I think one of the most important things to do when spending time at home is to still be active/productive. It really helps in the long run as it makes you feel more accomplished, which makes it easier to stay in. It’s almost like a treat to then stay in, knowing that you’ve done all those things you don’t normally have the time to do.

Remember that you can still go out, it’s just that self-distancing is the best thing for everyone at the moment. You can still drive somewhere and walk the dog, go for a run or even just go for a wander somewhere you wouldn’t normally go to. Getting fresh air will do wonders for you, it’s free and doesn’t involve any social interaction.

You can also still be social, just in different ways. Instead of hanging out in person, facetime your best friend with a glass of wine. Text your parents checking on them or your nan/grandparents. You don’t have to hide away, social distancing doesn’t have to be lonely.

It’s all about reducing the face to face contact. I have a group family chat and because I know Elliot is still going to work, I’ve messaged them to let them know that we’ll be self-distancing instead of just disappearing, we are, however, only a text or call away.

Please share any tips or advice you have for being at home below, I’d love to know how you stay sane when spending a lot of time at home!