AD – This post contains PR Products.

Now we’re heading into the Autumn, it’s the season of celebrations and events but also a time to make sure you’re getting enough me time. Self-care is so important especially around this time of year as I always think it can be overwhelming. Not only do you have the days getting shorter and the dark nights drawing in but it really is the time for celebrations such as Christmas, which can be such a stressful time of year!

I love how cosy Autumn can be but I do tend to struggle with the dark evenings, it’s the one thing I really don’t look forward to. I try to really embrace it, lighting candles, forcing myself out of the house in the daylight even if I don’t want to and making each evening as cosy and inviting as possible to distract myself from the fact it’s dark at 5pm… I think self-care is a really important thing to focus on in times when we know we struggle.

Self-care can mean so many things to different people but it really is about checking in with yourself and making sure you’re doing the things that keep you happy and healthy. It’s can be literally anything as long as it keeps you physically, mentally, and emotionally well. It’s not all relaxing baths and skincare BUT those things are a great way to unwind and spend time with yourself. Even if you spend 15 minutes committing to an evening skincare routine each evening, that’s 15 minutes where you’re concentrating on yourself and nothing else.

Some other ideas for practising self-care:

  • Go for a walk: Nature is very grounding and sunlight and fresh air can do the whole world of good. I don’t think anyone’s come back from a walk and felt worse…
  • Staying hydrated: Making sure you’re hydrated and drinking two litres of water a day – your skin, gut, brain function, and energy levels are just a few things that will benefit!
  • Move your body: Moving your body is one thing that’s really effective at making you feel good about yourself. If you spend all day at a desk or lounging around, getting up and moving about will do you good and it can be anyway you want, a gentle workout, deep clean or dance around your living room.
  • Practice daily gratitude: Studies have found practicing gratitude is actually a really important part of maintaining a positive mindset. Leave a notebook on your bedside table and when you wake up, write down 3 things that you’re grateful for.
  • Know your boundaries:  Practice saying “no” to things that cause unnecessary stress.

Daily self-care is so important. You know when you need to prioritize yourself as otherwise, you run the risk of burning out. I really like the fact that Nivea has highlighted the fact that it’s important, especially as we head into the colder months as I’ve mentioned above.

I have a few products of theirs that will encourage personal self-care. Including their Naturally Good Organic Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, Fresh Blends Apricot Milk Shower Cream and their New Face Cleansing Magic Bar (Almond Oil and Blueberry).

I’ve been lucky enough to try their Fresh Blends Apricot Shower Cream before and it is such a lovely product. It’s a very gentle creamy product that smells absolutely amazing and I find the scent lasts on my skin after I’m out of the shower too. There’s a sure-fire way to get me out of bed and into the shower on a cold morning and it’s having a product that I look forward to using and this is it for me.

This is a product that makes showers that little bit more luxury and it’s definitely something that you look forward to using as the scent fills the whole bathroom. I find there’s nothing better than having a hot shower when you’re cold after a long day before bed or to refresh you in the morning!

Their next product is something that I was really excited about, I’ve actually used their Naturally Good Aloe Vera Body Lotion before (and I love it!) but I especially love Cocoa Butter when it comes to skincare as it leaves your skin feeling amazing and so soft. Their Naturally Good Cocoa Butter Body Lotion does NOT disappoint!

It smells absolutely heavenly. It’s not overly strong which I actually like, it’s light but has a lovely feeling when you rub it into your skin and it sinks in fast which I love as I don’t like waiting for moisturiser to dry. I know a lot of people struggle with keeping their body moisturised in the colder months as it’s an extra step that keeps you out in the cold for longer but having soft, hydrated skin is really important. I hate when my skin gets a bit dry as it often then gets itchy too.

A big tip is to switch to a moisturising shower cream or milk, as some shower gels can be very drying for your skin. The Fresh Blends Apricot Shower Cream is actually a good one to recommend and if you use a cream or milk, they’re much less drying for your skin and actually help moisturise. I think, even if you find it hard to moisturise your body daily, spending a bit of time doing it once a week can make a massive difference. It always makes me strangely connected to my body too if I spend some time moisturising every inch of it.

A new product of theirs which I hadn’t tried before is their Refreshing Face Cleansing Magic Bar. This solid facial cleansing bar is plastic-free and has 99% natural origin ingredients. It’s also soap-free and the pH is optimised to your skin’s own pH level leaving skin soft and gentle. Almond oil acts to balance the absorption of moisture and water loss so skin stays soothed and hydrated. Blueberry is an antioxidant and can help support your skins ability to fight inflammation.

Now, this is definitely not soap. It might look very similar in its appearance but it’s not drying at all! This is the one thing I was worried about when I was trialling this product as my skin can get dry so using a bar of soap would definitely not help but it’s very gentle and very hydrating. You foam the product in your hands before applying it to your face and it’s no different to using a gel or cream cleanser. I really like the eco-friendly aspect of this product and I’ve enjoyed using it so far! I will definitely keep you updated on how my skin likes it.

I think all of these products encourage looking after your body throughout the winter months. I think you find when you do one act of self-care, for instance going for a walk, it kind of has this snowball effect that then encourages you to do other acts of self-care such as cooking a nutritious meal, drinking enough water, saying some affirmations before bed and getting a good nights sleep.

I really do think that it’s something everyone should try to include in their everyday routines. I think it makes such a difference.

What do you like to do to look after yourself? Any self-care tips you’d like to share?