How To Make The Ultimate Hot Chocolate.

Christmas isn’t Christmas if you don’t drink at least three of these a week, right?!

I’m joking. But I love the whole process of making a hot chocolate. It’s the only drink which I think you can go all out on. Marshmallows, whipped cream, even sprinkles or melted chocolate on top if you fancy!

Everything can, of course, be made vegan or dairy free too, which is what makes it such a good drink for everyone to enjoy.

There’s nothing better than a cosy evening in, watching Christmas films with one of these. It’s the ultimate festive season drink. For me especially, as I won’t be drinking alcohol this year.

I like how much of an event you make out of it making hot chocolate (which is not something you can’t do with other drinks). Instead of just simply pouring water into a mug with the powder (or heating up milk and chocolate if you’re fancy) you can invite people to make their own, get the kids involved, even have a hot chocolate party?! And the best part is that you get to drink it afterwards!

I think you have to treat these as a bit of a dessert as they’re so sweet with all the extras too. I like mine really hot too so they’re quite melty!

Hot Chocolate Essentails Include:

  • Hot chocolate. Obviously. I go for Cadburys as I think it’s the nicest and you can make it as strong as you like. You can get flavoured hot chocolates too, I bet mint or salted caramel would be heavenly! You can also have a go at making it, the “proper” way. Give this recipe a go. You can also get those stirrers which you stir into hot milk, I’ve never tried them before but it sounds fun!
  • Toppings. I go for whipped cream and marshmallows. I like them together but you can just pick one or the other. A hot chocolate with marshmallows is still so lovely but not as decadent. You can also try experimenting with sauces (perhaps toffee?!) and sprinkles (try sprinkling a bit of cinnamon on top)… the options are endless really.
  • Candy Canes. These aren’t really a topping but they’re a fun little extra. You can use one to stir your hot chocolate with (giving it a minty flavour at the same time) or crush one and sprinkle it on top.
  • Cute mugs. These are optional but there’s nothing nicer than drinking from a cute mug, bonus points if it’s a festive one. The ones I have are festive and they’re only from Asda, I love how retro they look too and they’re the perfect size. I’d definitely recommend heading there if you want a cute festive one!

I think these could make the perfect last-minute homemade present for someone too! Just choose a cute mug, fill it with hot chocolate sachets, a packet of mini marshmallows, a chocolate stirrer (you can make your own?!) and you’re all set!

Do you like hot chocolate? How do you make yours? I’d love to know!