How to make the most out of your Desk Set Up.

So I might be a little late popping this post up as I know a lot of people are actually returning to work now. Elliot is one of them and is now back working in his office… which means I get my lovely big desk back!

I love having a desk, it’s nice having somewhere dedicated to working from. Although I do like to hop on to the sofa every now and again, there’s no denying that working from my desk makes me a whole lot more productive.

Make EVERYTHING pretty

I generally go through stages where I keep it really clean, tidy and clutter-free or I have piles and piles of things on there which just get in the way.

I definitely find I work better if I’m in an inspiring environment so I keep nice artwork, trinkets, and books around. I also try and keep nice stationery on my desk and within reach (i.e in the drawers). I love to add a plant or bouquet of flowers every so often too as I find it just adds so much life to the area.

Having beautiful surrounding definitely seeps into my computer as well, I love to change up my desktop every so often and it’s always a nice background that I’ve found on Pinterest.

Apps that help me stay productive

An app I use regularly to help me with my work is definitely Evernote, it syncs on EVERYTHING so if I’m working on my laptop, I have whatever I need even if it was created on my phone/desktop.

There’s also an app called Forest which is quite popular so you’ve probably already heard of it – basically it allows you to stay productive and keep off your phone by planting a tree. If you use your phone within the set time then the tree dies so it’s pretty clever.

Elliot and I also use the app TimeTree which is a calendar app however, it allows you to sync your calendar with another person. I think you can do this with iPhones anyway but Elliot has a Samsung so it works well for us both to use and it helps us plan our weeks.

Another “app” which I don’t think I could work without is Spotify. Technically it doesn’t help me work, but I do find that I’m more productive with background music on. I love that they have playlists dedicated to songs that can help you concentrate and I find listening to music makes the day much more enjoyable too.

Some of my favourite places to shop

Some of my favourite places to are below. I love to not only have a functioning desk but to just make it reflect my personality too. The desk itself is from West Elm and it is beautiful but a little impractical having a white desk… I still love it though.

I’d love to know if you use a desk? How you make the most out of your working space?