AD – This post contains PR Products.

I have been on a bit of a mission recently to completely overhaul my health and prioritise myself. I’ve always been very conscious of vitamins and I take a variety but I’ve never really associated supplements with good sleep before.

The wonderful team over at Complete Me reached out offering me the chance to try some of their Sleeping Beauty Supplements. These tablets help you unwind and relax, balance your hormones and aid in better sleep.

The main ingredient is magnesium, which is also commonly known as “Nature’s Relaxant”. Studies have shown that it can help relax muscles and induce sleep. It’s a very common ingredient to include in your lifestyle if you’re after more sleep,

I normally see magnesium as part of a spray or included within bath salts so it is refreshing to see it included within tablets which I think are easier to incorporate into your everyday routine. I also think Magnesium can be on the pricey side so seeing it as part of these supplements at such an affordable price is great and a real bonus for me.

Other ingredients include:

  • 5-HTP (sleep hormone, melatonin)
  • Vitamin B6 (which helps regulate and balance Oestrogen and Progesterone levels
  • Zinc (helps to improve sleep length + quality)
  • Lemonbalm
  • Camomile

These Sleeping Beauty Supplements are also free from gluten, lactose, eggs, fish, peanuts and any artificial colours and preservatives (making them completely Vegan). I think this is great as some supplements vegans have to be careful of because they contain animal by-products or they are higher in price.

With any supplements, you have to allow a period of adjustment for your body. Sometimes you can have side effects (that go away over time, however, no side effects whatsoever with these supplements) or you have to wait for the supplements to take effect. I think that’s definitely the case with these Sleeping Beauty supplements. I personally don’t think the results are noticeable overnight but they are definitely noticeable.

I really enjoyed adding these into my bedtime routine. I keep them by the bed so they’re always near and try to take them once I’m in bed and unwinding. I will just make a note that the capsules are fairly big, they’re probably around the same size as antibiotic capsules (however, these ones don’t taste gross like antibiotics can…) so if you are someone who struggles with swallowing tablets then these might not be for you… I did find the capsules big, I was a bit surprised when I saw them but actually, I had no trouble with them at all. I think it helps when they’re tablets that you want to take instead of have to take, if that makes sense?!

With these Supplements, I definitely think you need to take at least a week to notice the effects, if not longer. I think it’s a supplement that you don’t realise is helping so much until you stop taking them or take a break. I noticed that falling asleep was definitely easier for me. I used to spend a lot of time trying not to go on my phone or lying awake but these supplements helped me drift off quicker which is actually amazing and a big benefit.

I also think they stopped me from waking up during the night and having restless periods, like where you wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep for ages! I noticed that I would sleep through the night a lot more. I would say that I’m a light sleeping and if I get disturbed during the night, I would normally find it difficult to fall back to sleep easily or quickly. These supplements have not only stopped me from waking during the night as much but if I do, they have helped me fall back to sleep a lot quicker.

I think they are a really great supplement to introduce into your bedtime routine. Getting a good night’s sleep is just essential to your mental and physical wellbeing. a good nights sleep can be so beneficial for your body and mind. I think these tablets are great and I would really recommend them.

Complete Me have such a great range of supplements to get you to your best self, they provide supplements to improve anything from your Gut Health, A Daily Defence Booster and even a supplement for a Glowing Complexion (I’m very interested in this one!)

I have to say, I really like Complete Me’s whole branding and range of supplements. I think their products and branding look great, are so beneficial for your health and I think they’re actually branded for my age bracket, as I think most supplements look like they’re marketed towards ‘older’ adults. It’s really nice to have something available on the market which is for me.

Have you tried anything from Complete Me before?