How To Feel (And Look) More Energised


Theres a few different ways that I like to keep happy and engerised throughout the day. I’m someone who wakes up early, I always have done and while I used to wish that I was someone that could sleep in until like 12 over the years, I have come to love waking up early and getting on with my day. Recently it has helped that my boyfriend gets up and goes out at about 6.15 so from this time, I am out of bed and either having a slower morning, grabbing a coffee and watching some tv or sometimes this means I am at my desk already! I have found though, that waking up early sometimes means that you that you hit your peak earlier in the day, and so when people see you at a fairly normal time in the day (say 1pm) you could perhaps look slightly more tired then you should by then, considering you’ve already been up for so many hours! So I’ve put together some tips on how I like to look after myself and stay refreshed throughout the day.


Get Enough Sleep. This might sound stupid but often enough people complain that they can’t get up in the morning because they haven’t had enough sleep, this mainly comes down to when you’ve gone to bed. I’m someone that can function on very little sleep but normally because we are morning people, some weekdays we’re asleep by 9/9.30pm! Going to bed earlier is essential if you want to wake up earlier but also if you don’t want to look like you’ve had very little sleep. The only way you can really look awake and refreshed is if you’re actually awake and refreshed so make sure you’re getting enough sleep, turning off TVs and staying off your phone before bed and getting a good 8 hours at least.

Get Up And Get Moving. This leads on from the last point but you’re going to feel much more energetic and ready to tackle your day if you hop out of bed around the moment that you wake up (no hitting snooze!) and throw open your curtains to get some light into your room! Some days theres nothing I want more than to just stay in bed, watching youtube on my laptop and some days I do exactly that.. but I feel so much better when I get out of bed and get on with my day rather then starting the day being in bed for three hours. I am ten times more productive and achieve more if I do the former.

Drink Lots Of Water. Water is the best thing that you can do for yourself and for your body, when I’ve had a lot of water to drink it reflects everywhere, from how my skin looks to how happy and healthy I feel. This is such an important step as if you drink lots of water, the water that your body naturally retains is reduced and so you’ll notice that you’ll have dramatically reduced bags under your eyes. Water is also so refreshing and sometimes often makes me feel more awake than coffee does!

Watch What You Eat. This is another obvious point but if you’re eating fast food and throw in the oven dinners each night, you’re not going to feel very energetic. However if you make some small changes and increase the amount of fruit and veg that you are getting in your diet, then you will feel the benefits pretty quickly. I’m one of those people that loves to cook and tends to eat healthy but sometimes snacking and convenient food seems more appealing. You have to remember how much better you feel after eating more healthy and how much more enegertic it makes you feel.

Look After Your Skin. You might be getting loads of sleep but if you’re not looking after your skin then you might find that it’s not reflecting how you’re feeling on the inside. I was recently sent some new products from Botanics (I’m a brand ambassador for them!) which includes a Refreshing Eye Roll On, a hydrating Eye Cream and also a Facial Oil (with Rosehip). I have become addicted to using the Refreshing Eye Roll On as it is so cooling and refreshing and has become a staple in my skincare routine. I think it’s really helped keep my skin look fresh and people have even started commenting on how fresh and awake I look! I am also now obsessed with the Facial Oil and I think it’s made such a difference to my skin, I apply this morning and evening and it’s so moisturising, doesn’t smell odd (like some Rosehip products can!) and is my favourite skincare product at the moment. There’s many other ways that I like to look after my skin though and using face masks is another product which I think makes such a difference. If you have some time in the mornings, I’d definitely recommend popping a face mask on while you’re reading emails or having breakfast, it won’t take any time if you multitask but will make such a difference to your skin and is quite a nice treat to do in the mornings.

So there you go, theres some tips on how to feel more energised and hopefully these will help in the short and long term. You don’t have to do these things all at once but even just one positive change can make you feel better than you think. Let me know if you have any tips for me, check out the Botanics range at and make sure you’re following me on Instagram!