How I’ve Started Embracing Accessories

I thought that today I would share a slightly different post for me, and talk about how to I’ve started to embrace accessories. I think summer is definitely the season when everyone wants to get a little more adventurous with what they wear, and it’s probably because wearing necklaces or earrings look much nicer against a strappy top then half covered by a massive jumper.. which is basically the only thing I wear in winter.

I’ve never been much of a jewellery person before however I’m trying to change that. I don’t know why but I always feel like a little kid dressing up if I wear rings however earrings are fine?! I think earrings are the one accessory which I absolutely love, which makes me quite nervous as I think I’ll hate wearing a wedding ring.

I have quite a few ear piercings, something that I did between the ages of 16-18 and will probably keep for a long time. However the only place I actually wear earrings is my first and second holes on my lobe. I like to basically leave my other ones alone as I have good quality metal in them and I don’t want to cause any issues by playing around with the jewellery. I always  go through stages where I love jewellery and cannot wear enough or absolutely hate it and never want to wear any ever. 

I think as I’ve grown up, my taste in accessories have definitely changes and instead of wandering into Claire’s to pick up a new multipack of whatever weird or cute earrings caught my eye, I definitely just buy a few simples pieces now. This soon turned into me wearing nothing but studs however, I recently bought a few pieces from H&M which I absolutely love, including these amazing hassle earrings which I think are so on trend and go with everything but my boyfriend can’t stand them! Don’t you just hate when boys seem to hate clothing/accessories for no reason?! My boyfriend point blank hated sliders until he bought himself a pair and now it’s basically the only thing you’ll find him in. 

These H&M earrings actually came as part of a pack which I think is such good value and really helped me build up my collection. I have worn these a good few times too and none of them turned my ears green, so I think that’s a success.

It’s strange, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found a love for gold pieces, when I once thought it was tacky and would never even think about buying gold jewellery. I definitely think gold goes with my skin tone better. It’s difficult though as I have sliver rings and studs in my ears. I think mixing metals can also look quite interesting though and doesn’t seem to be something that people do that much anymore. 

A brand that I would love to explore more is Missoma. I love pieces that I’ve seen from them especially the jewellery that Lucy Williams designed. Everyone seems to own some version of their Horn necklaces and I think you can get dupes in H&M but the Missoma one is stunning. It’s one of the first pieces that caught my eye and yes, is a little bit more pricey for a necklace but definitely a piece to save up for. 

At the moment I’m exploring what jewellery I like to wear and wouldn’t even be opposed to buying some cheaper pieces from Primark. I’ve always been put off of buying “cheaper” jewellery but if there’s a necklace you love, then why not find a cheaper alternative first to see if investing in it is for you.

I definitely want to start embracing accessories more and I’d also like to invest in some high quality pieces, ones that’ll last for years and that I could perhaps even pass down to my children. 

What’s your relationship with jewellery like? Do you like purchasing cheaper pieces or is it high end all the way?