How I’ve Grown With My Content.

I’ve recently given myself a tiny bit of a rebrand on my Instagram and blog. I’m hoping to get a new blog design soooon but at the moment I’ve changed my photography, my style, how my feed looks and most importantly… how I feel towards all of these things.

I’ve started sharing more of the stuff that interests me and in turn, I feel like it shows more of my personality and I think in a strange way, it’s made my feed (especially on Instagram) feel a tiny bit more grown up.

Growing with your blog and readership is so important. Getting technical for a second and looking at my statistics, I can see that it’s mainly 25/30-year-olds following me and as much as anyone uses Instagram for how “pretty” it is, they also want someone they can relate to.

I’ve started showing more of what’s going on behind the scenes. At the moment I don’t have a job so I can’t really show that but I can show that I have been renovating my nans garden, showing the process and how far we’ve come. I’ve also been discussing the products I get sent in PR parcels and I’ve been talking about sustainably and books! Something I never used to share but reading is something I really enjoy.

I used to just share flatlays and only discuss beauty but now I’ve made my feed and blog a lot more personal by showing other interests and including myself in it a little bit too. I think my feed has become a lot more diverse and I think the response to this has been a positive one.

I think my biggest tip for growing with your audience is don’t be afraid to share stuff. Even if you think no one will be interested. If it’s something you would be interested in then it’s worth sharing. You never know what people are going to engage with so it’s worth the risk and if you don’t get any interest, then you know you can skip on sharing it next time.

Everyone used to say “blog for yourself” when giving people who wanted to start a blog advice and I totally agree with this. I really think it can apply to practically everything. If you’d be interested in it then there are definitely others out there that will be too.

I think I share a lot more than I used to and I really like having a bit more of a variety when it comes to my content. There’s so much that interests me (such as beauty, lifestyle and interiors) that having a feed dedicated to sharing flatlays and beauty just didn’t work for me.

Do you think it’s important to continuously grow with your content?