How I’m Getting My Skin Ready for Winter.

AD – This post contains PR Products.

The changing seasons always wreak havoc with my skin. It’s no wonder really when we went from having such nice sunny weather to mild weather and then the temperature suddenly drops! It’s got to cope with being freezing cold one minute to then hot the next (thanks to central heating). That and the fact that I’m now wearing a mask on daily basis means my skin is not happy.

Obviously, there’s nothing about any of this that I can change. The heating in my house has to be on (obviously) and I’m not going to make myself or anyone I know unsafe by not wearing a mask just because of a few blemishes! I will be looking into getting some silk masks though as I’ve heard some positive things about them. There’s a lot of people saying that silk pillowcases are good for you (more hygienic and better for your skin and hair) so I can appreciate that that’s probably the same for masks too.

I find that I have to moisturiser a lot more in winter which is also probably causing more blemishes to show up on my skin, as I’m probably just clogging my pores by using too much moisturiser. It’s so difficult to find a moisturiser that’s hydrating but not greasy or heavy too. I have been trying to layer up more serums recently instead of going in heavy with a moisturiser.

I swear by the Nivea Naturally Good Sensitive Day Cream (I also love their night cream!), it works so well for me in the summer but I might also look into getting their Oil-Free Face Cream in case that suits my skin better in the wintertime when it’s got so many different environmental elements to contend with.

To try and combat against winter breakouts, I’ve been using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I’ve used this before and really liked it and they recently sent me another one, they’ve also introduced a really clever Refill System for this product to help reduce the amount of plastic that would otherwise be created when buying a new bottle, a simple but effective change which actually works out a tiny bit cheaper for you too.

I was involved in a Dermalogica Masterclass recently where the skin expert used the Microfoliant and water first in a small glass and got it really frothy before applying to her skin. I’ve since tried this method and really like it as it feels more like a mask which also then gently exfoliates. It almost feels like it’s getting more of that goodness into your skin too which is never a bad thing. The microfoliant is super gentle so I’ve never had an issue with it but I do limit how much I use it still (and don’t use it every day).

As with all things, a good diet is always best for your skin too and winter, especially around Christmas is never good for people. There’s so much sugary goodness about, especially when I can’t seem to watch GBBO or I’m A Celeb without a sweet treat. I have been trying to cut down sugar though. I already drink hot drinks without it (which is a big way to reduce your sugar intake) and have been either trying to bake treats myself (to help control the sugar that goes in) or buy healthier goodies to snack on.

Winter is always a bad time for my water intake too. I’m allll about the hot drinks in winter! I just don’t crave a glass of water as I would in the summer as it’s just too cold. I have been trying to make the effort to keep my water intake up though as it’s so beneficial for your skin, body and mind.

What are some of your winer skincare tips?