How I’m Being More Sustainable This Year (& Every Year!).

Back in September, I wrote a blog post that proved to be very popular about how I was being more sustainable with my shopping decisions. I think looking after the environment is something that should be on everyone’s minds and small, easy changes to your lifestyle are the best way thing to do.

I was very lucky to receive some gifts at Christmas which are going to help me be more sustainable this year and I’ve also done a few purchases myself. I wanted to share them with you guys as they’re such small changes which are not only beneficial for the planet but they’re also cheaper and easier for me too.

Carrying metal straws around with me has always been something that I’ve “intended” to do and I can say that I am now doing this! I picked up four metal straws (and the brush cleaner) for £4 in Flying Tigar and I now carry them around in my little tote bag in their own pouch.

Credit: Sighh

The tote bag that I have is from Sighh. It’s new, but I have a smaller older bag which is perfect for traveling and I’ve also just recently sold an older larger handbag which I didn’t need anymore. I didn’t really want to buy anything new as a lot of bags are leather and I don’t always take a handbag around with me. However, this tote bag is perfect for my needs. I purchased the Sighh design “Everyday” Tote mainly because I think that it’s genius as it has pockets! The organizer in me is very happy. I like that it has the space for a reusable water bottle or coffee cup and it fits my laptop as well.

I decided to go for the black version as I thought this would last longer for me. I need to stop putting my bag down on the floor as when you have the cream canvas material it can get quite dirty.

This bag is literally perfect for an overnight stay (if I pack light), going to a coffee shop, the gym or even picking up a few groceries. I know I’ll have it for a long time.

I know I have just touched abound this subject but my sister very kindly got me an Ecoffee Cup (in the shade “Mince-off”) for Christmas. I love getting coffee out but always feel so bad if I can’t drink in as I hate the disposable cups. Costa (my usual coffee shop of choice) do their bit for the environment and recycle but getting a reusable cup has been my goal for a while, I almost picked up a Keep Cup last year but wanted to cut down on my coffee habit. The Ecoffee cups are really nice, nice to drink from and are made from natural fiber and corn starch. The lid is made from silicone (latex-free) and the whole thing is dishwasher safe and should last for years. I didn’t know of this brand until my sister gifted me this one however, I love the contemporary design.

Most coffee shops will also allow you to have 25p off your drink if you bring a reusable cup too.

I have also crossed over to the land of using Reusable Cotton Rounds, which, in my opinion, are SO much nicer to use than the cotton ones you get in shops. They’re so much more durable and most of them come with the bag that you wash them in. As well as cotton rounds, I’ve also got some Wooden Cotton Buds that I’ve been using. I try not to use cotton buds very much anyway but I’ve just got a new piercing and these are so handy when it comes to cleaning it.

The last thing on my sustainable buys list is a Mooncup. I think this needs a whole post of its own (would anyone like to hear about my decision into the purchase, and experiences?!) but I’m actually quite excited about this purchase.

When I was in Boots, they had their own whole stand with Vegan, sustainable beauty on which included some of the items I’ve mentioned above and also other items such as deodorant. I think this is next on my list actually so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to know!

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know if there are any other small, easy things I could be doing too!