Home Wishlist + Inspiration

This is a bit of a home wishlist/inspirational post as there is still a few corners of my room which I would like to sort out/change. I am limited with what I can do in my room as I live in a sort of attic so think quite big, but with limited options because of sloped walls. I have a few straight ones, with my desk, bed and mirror but this means that I don’t have much room to change the layout etc

As mentioned in the above image, I would like to sort out some of my furniture and how I store things. I’m quite a minimum person when it comes to possessions however I do have a few bits and bobs which I used to keep in a square cube type cabinet however I want to update this and get something slightly better and also something prettier. The unit which you can see in the above image is actually from ikea and is technically for TVs however I like the look of it, it will fit under my walls and I think could introduce a different look to my room because of the metal. It is still white (of course) so will match everything else in my room and I also like the high legs which will make it easy for moving/cleaning.

Desk Update
This is quite a hard one for me as I don’t actually know what I want to do with this area. I have a really nice desk now, which I got from ikea and painted the top white and I also have one of those wire mesh grids seem in the image. However it’s just all the stuff on top of the actual desk which I want to organise better. I like a tidy space and a clean desk and I want something that I can keep organised.

This is something which I would like to invest in, I have a big overhead light and also a bedside table lamp however I would like to add an additional light around my desk area. I don’t want a desk lamp as I would like this to be kept off the desk and the only thing that I like the look of is the light in the above image. It’s basically just a bulb which would plug into the wall and that I could attach to my wall grid however finding any (and any that I like) is proving to be quite difficult.

I’ve put make-up but basically what I mean is how I store my make-up/my dressing area. As I have mentioned, because of the walls in my room this gives me limited options so I have made up a little area in my room with a big mirror, rug, cushion and my make-up and hair things however most of the time I think this looks quite untidy and isn’t very inspiring. I’m not really sure what to do to this area or how to change it up so I think continuing to browse Pinterest at the moment is the only thing I can do.