Home Updates You Can Do For Free.

I’ve been really getting into interiors recently, not only general renovating and DIYs but also styling. I don’t think I’ve been that good at styling in the past but luckily I have a whole host of accounts on Instagram that have inspired me and I also turn to Pinterest a lot too.

I wrote a blog post recently about how I’ve been trying to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion but there’s no reason why I have to confine it just to fashion. I feel like I’m always buying cushions/covers and throws only to give them to charity once I decide I don’t like them anyway and thank god I’ve stopped that now.

However, lately, I’ve really been trying to not buy anything new and realise that I have some pretty cool possessions already. I’ve been trying to see the importance of shopping your own stash and I’ve realised there’s a lot of updates you can do that don’t cost anything.

I love candles but more often than not, I just leave them on the side and don’t pay them any attention, not even lighting them. But there’s nothing cosier than having a candle lit, especially at this time of year and it gives the nicest lighting, perfect to watch a film under a blanket. I know this might seem quite obvious, but really, do you light candles every day?

I’ve also been trying to reshuffle my belongings, such as moving the cushions about on the sofa and switching the covers for something with more personality or for something more seasonal. I’ve been laying our throw across the sofa in different ways too, I think having it folded on the back is lovely and neat looking but laying it out also adds some texture to the sofa AND I don’t feel bad for snuggling up in it every five seconds.

I think having a home reshuffle works for most objects, such as moving picture frames about, plants or any kind of trinkets. Getting organised and moving things about adds so much life to the area and often gives the impression of things changing when they really haven’t. My boyfriend will often get home and things will have moved about; he always notices too.

Something else I’ve been trying to do lately is thinking of ways I can update our space without spending much/any money. I’ve wanted to update our cushions for the longest time so I’ve been trying to find some pieces that will last but I also have leftover fabric from another project so I will also attempt to make my own.

I’ve actually been quite good at sourcing things for free lately and it’s something I’d definitely recommend doing. Places like Gumtree or even Facebook Marketplace are always having new pieces added to them every day, people put some great things up for free because they just want them gone. I managed to pick up a lovely little stool/seat for free recently (which would have gone to landfill otherwise) and I have been slowly sanding it down and painting it fresh again, using paint I already had in my stash.

Dried flowers are another really easy way to update your space, they last longer than normal flowers and add an interesting element to your home. Elliot’s mum has a massive lavender bush in her front garden which I have taken clippings from before to have in a little vase and pampas has gotten really popular recently too. It adds texture to your area and looks lovely.

I actually took a few cuttings of pampas from a bush (please don’t judge me! It was growing along the street; so potentially council-owned) and as it was only going to dry out and get cut back/burned, I recycled some!

What do you think of my homeware tips? Let me know any tips you may have!