Hello, 2021…

It’s only right that I started this post with coffee, it’s what has mainly got me through the last year if I’m honest. All the more indulgent now as Elliot bought me a coffee machine for my birthday. I doubt you’ll see me without a coffee in hand for the foreseeable future…

So, Hello, 2021! It’s safe to say I wanted to post a lot sooner than this, I mean we’re already halfway through Jan and it’s been a month since my last post. But as always, life gets in the way and blogging is always the first thing to get pushed aside for me. It’s always the way and something I’d love to change this year but sometimes you have to focus all your attention on one thing at a time.

The start of the year just happens to also be my birthday. It’s a weird way to start the year and I’ve always felt it’s not a great birthday to have. We were also in lockdown for my birthday so it was a very quiet day indeed. I also turned 25 which to me, in my head is this big… “thing”. It’s the age that I expected to have a lot and to have done a lot with my life already and to get to that age with all these expectations in place and to not really have done any of them is completely confusing and a bit disappointing.

The day itself was really lovely but so quiet and I got a few lovely things that I’ll treasure. We went for a big frosty morning walk to start the day and I also spent a lot of the day watching Bridgerton (I’m obsessed) in bed with pizza. There are definitely worst ways to spend your birthday but it’s not quite the grand affair that I wanted.

We are hoping to spend some time and money when we’re allowed and that will be a belated birthday celebration for both of us, as Elliot spent his birthday in lockdown too!

I think we really do have to remember just how much this lockdown and the whole overwhelming world situation at the moment has affected us. Elliot has been working from home for most of the last year and I’ve just been doing my own thing, trying to stay sane and trying to run my business which hasn’t been able to launch properly because of the pandemic. It’s a lot to go through for anyone at any stage in their life and I just feel so sorry for all the destruction that the pandemic has caused and how it’s affected people. I think it’s something that isn’t going to go away overnight either, even if say, tomorrow, everything went back to “normal”, the lasting damage mentally on people would be something I think we’d be dealing with for years to come.

I would love to say that this year is the year of many goals for me but instead, I’ve decided not to set any. I always like to have a few things to work towards and I suppose I have a few things I’d like to achieve this year… BUT I’d rather focus on the small everyday things that get me through the year instead of writing out all the millions of -big- things I’d love to achieve.

They’re still floating about my head and the act of writing them down won’t change whether I achieve them or not. But I think for me, it’s important that I spent time over the coming months, whether we’re in lockdown or not, focusing on myself and my health.

I want to be more positive and focus on doing things that I love, long walks, having relaxing baths and taking care of my skin. I want to look after my plants, learn to make a few cocktails, bake at least every week and continue to do yoga.

I want to focus more time and energy into things I enjoy and not things that I think I *should* be doing. I want to find joy and positivity in the little everyday things like my morning coffee, a hot shower or popping on some make up to feel glowy.

I want to get creative with photography and post photos that help inspire people and allow them to feel cosy and motivated to do the same. I think being creative in different ways during the last year and the pandemic, in general, has really helped me. I actually have a Tik Tok which is such an interesting way of creating content and is unlike anything I normally do on here or Instagram and it’s nice to have that account that is just for me. Working in video format is unlike anything else as it really forces you to slow down and think about the shot you want beforehand too and I’ve really enjoyed creating these little sixty-second videos every so often. It’s something I definitely want to do more of in 2021!

I really do think it’s the little things that make life all that little bit rosier and pandemic or not, you have that choice to be positive or not. I don’t think I’m a negative person, I sort of float along the middle not be overly negative or positive and I think it’ll really benefit me to be that little bit more positive and focus on finding the positives in certain situations.

I want to be the type of person that my friends/family want to be around because they’re so happy and positive a lot of the time. I think it’ll really help my life.

What are some things you have to focus on during the next year? I’d love to know!