Heatless Hair Hacks.

You might have seen everyone getting every involved with Tik Tok recently and all the trends which seem to have started from there. I said I wouldn’t download it and now here we are…

It’s great for distracting yourself for a little while (or a long while) but it’s also taught me some great hacks. I would never have discovered the heatless dressing gown hack if it wasn’t for Tik Tok. It really does show that you can learn something from places you’d never have thought.

I have been after a way to do my hair without heat for ages, when I was about 18/19 my hair was longer than it is now and I used to follow this video. It worked (it’s basically the same method but with no extra material) but I found it left my hair with tight curls and a rougher, almost dry texture… thinking about it that could have just been my hair and damage, so I might try this again!

What I like about the heatless dressing gown hack is that it’s very similar to how I would actually do my hair with a curling wand. Yes it’s a little uncomfortable to sleep in but my hair has definitely benefitted from using less heat. We’ve also been in lockdown here in the UK so using this method was the perfect time to experiment with my hair without creating damage and still feeling put together.

I’ll link to some great videos that show the method really well. However, everyone does it a tad differently and some of these methods didn’t work for me. I found that lightly wetting my hair (instead of leaving it dry) worked better for me as if I didn’t, the curls didn’t form properly and within an hour of removing the dressing gown cord, my hair would be straight again.

My hair was actually really loose and messy for these photos with some curl definition around the front, so don’t go off of these photos! Try the method yourself and let me know how it goes!

I would definitely suggest having dry hair and wetting it lightly again instead of doing this with wet hair from the shower; you really don’t need to wet it too much either, just enough so when it dries, it’ll settle into the new pattern that the dressing cord has created.

I’ve also seen people wrap their hair around the cord in a variety of ways, now I need to experiment with this a little more still but the only way I’ve found that works for me is to just take sections from the front and wrap it towards the back. I’m not sure why but when I take some from the front AND the back and try to wrap it around itself, it never works as well and just makes the whole thing more complicated than it needs to be.

I’ve found that doing this once before sleeping will last me a good couple of days too, as the hair holds the curl but it gets looser the longer it’s been. I quite like the look of it when it’s looser too so I only tend to do it once a week. I also find that it helps if I leave it down when I sleep on it so as not to kink the hair. I never feel like sleeping on my hair makes it flat either, and dry shampoo always seems to revive my hair anyway.

I’ve heard a lot of people actually put their dry shampoo in at night, but I’ve found that this doesn’t seem to work for me. I just find I then use more in the morning and then I’ve ended up using way too much. I think I will experiment with this some more though.

I’d love to know if you have any heatless hacks and what you think of my tips?