Glossybox | My First Box

Beauty subscription boxes (like most subscription boxes) have been around for years however for some reason even though I always liked reading everyones reviews on them, I never felt compelled enough to order one for myself. Recently I decided to treat myself to a subscriptions box (because who doesn’t like getting exciting packages through the post?!) and after researching the many different types and looking at different brands, I decided to go with Glossybox.

I was first introduced to Glossybox many years ago (as I’m typing this i’ve just got an email titled “celebrating our 5th birthday”) as it was something that was really hyped up in the beauty blogger community. The concept for anyone who doesn’t know is that you get five beauty products sent to your address each month through the post, some can be full size and all are mostly kept secret so it’s a surprise what you receive in your box. This works on a subscription basis so you pay a reasonable fee each month and can cancel at any time. Or you can pay in advance for a six month or one year subscription. You can also pay and get these sent to a friends address which makes these really lovely birthday/christmas gifts. 

Mini Monogram Make-up Bag
I was a little disappointed to see a make-up bag in my box as (like many women I’m sure) I seem to have tons of these around the house which I have to find a use for or I give them away to charity. However I like the fact that you can customise it for you and make it personal and I think that this could perhaps be a nice gift for someone.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow is not something which I tend to wear on a regular basis however I do like to experiment with my eye make-up every now and then. I would usually go for neutral colours however this palette has some nice subtle shades mixed in with some adventurous ones as well. I have worn some of the colours already but my favourites are the pale light almost sliver glitter (top right) which works really nicely under the brow as a highlight and the the soft brown, almost purple shade (three from left, bottom row). I think that this palette has some really lovely colours which last well and are good quality, all for just £4. This would be a good palette for someone just starting out with make-up as it allows them to experiment.

Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask
This detox mask has a retail price of £53 (full size), and from knowing this information I had high hopes for this mask. I did expect a lot from something so expensive. It goes on really smoothly and is a dark grey, but dries lighter. It is one of those masks that feel really tight on the skin and it almost feels like its going to crack if you talk/move to much! It washed off really easily (but a little messy) and did seem to leave my skin a lot brighter. If you look deeper into the brand they do explain that the reason it is so expensive is because they use good qaulity ingredients and that over time the mask can improve your skin so much that you wear less make-up. I think that this is a really interesting brand and my first impressions of the product are really good,  it is a something which I want to continue using.

Deep Pore Facial Cleasing Brush
Facial brushes are not something that I am new to as I actually have another which is for exfoliating and can be quite harsh on the skin so one that I could use every day really interested me. This facial brush is meant to brush away dead skin cells, for a deep but gentle clean which will help brighten your skin. I think that this brush does exactly that, it works really well with many cleansers without being too harsh on the skin. As well as the white bristles, it also has silicone cushions which are more hidden from view, these help to improve circulation. From using the brush I have found that I actually use less of my cleanser as it seems to go further.

Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion
This little sample size of lotion has gone a lot further then I thought that it would which I am extremely glad about as it is lovely. I am one that tends to favour sweet smells over anything else but I think that lotion has a really interesting, unusual scent (lemongrass, ginger and rosemary) which is very uplifting. This also really lingers on the skin nicely.

Overall I am really pleased with everything that I received in my first glossy box. My favourites would perhaps be the recovery mask and facial brush. I really enjoyed getting a little treat for myself through the letterbox and I am excited to see what I will be getting next.

Have you ever treated yourself to a subscription box?