Glossybox – February | Valentine’s Special and My Last Box

Because this is the Valentine’s special I thought that it would be a good idea to put this post live on Valentine’s Day, I normally put these posts up at the end of the month so enjoy having it early! I think that personally, this has been my favourite box that we’ve had for months. I really like the curation of the whole box, whoever put it together did well. I also like the design, it’s not too “fluffy and girly” in my eyes. 

L’Eau de Rose
This is definitely the stand out product for me. Glossybox actually sent an email with a “sneak peak” and I of course looked so I did know that we were getting a perfume which I was really excited about, I didn’t know that it was going to be full sized though! I thought we must be getting a travel size or roller ball. I love sweet smelling perfumes, and this is definitely very girly and sweet. Now I am terrible at describing scents however with rose, I think that people generally think of an old, powdery type of scent but this is SO lovely. I think it’s very fresh as well. It comes in a very simple glass bottle which I love AND it’s only £20! I think that this is something that I will definitely be repurchasing in the future. I think this could also make a lovely present for someone.

Noir Eternue Youth Potion Face Scrub
Another excellent product in this months box is this mask. The packaging is a little confusing and very colourful and french, but it’s basically a mask/scrub which you can apply all over your face, you can either just use it to exfoliate straight away or leave it for around two minutes first. The cool thing about it is it will actually change colour from a light pink to a purple/grey. It works so well at removing any dead skin cells and really scrubbing everything, although I do think that if you have sensitive skin, this could be a little harsh. It’s also 90% natural, paragon free AND vegan.

Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm
This is basically a free sample of Garnier’s ultimate blends honey hair mask. I have actually used this already however I did think this was a shampoo at first as I didn’t really read the packaging before putting it in my hair! It did work well and left my hair really soft and smooth. I think that this could be a really good affordable hair mask however I personally try to avoid things with honey in them.

Ciaté Paint Pot in Iced Frappe
I’ve used nail varnish from Ciaté before and they do not disappoint. I really like that nudes are having a moment, they are the “in” colour and don’t seem to be going anywhere. As I have mentioned before (tons of times probably!) I have acrylics so won’t be using this on my nails, although I think it’s the perfect nude shade. Some brands get these colours a bit wrong and end up making them WAY too pale, but this kind of colour would look good on many different skin tones.

Beat The Blues highlighter – Oyster Gold
Another stand out product for me, I did wonder at first before properly looking why they had sent two nail polishes! I am all about highlighter at the moment, it makes skin look so healthy and who doesn’t like to look glowing? I do think that I probably look like a disco ball sometimes but oh well. I like that this highlighter is gold as I have quite a lot which are on the white side and I don’t want to look like a ghost! Gold tones go really well with my skin tone. This has a brush which is a lot like a nail varnish brush which I’m not crazy about however the product itself is really pigmented and blends very nicely. I can see myself owning this (and using it!) for a really long time.

I think that this collection of products is soooo good and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I loved everything in this box as it was such a treat however the three which I love (and will perhaps be repurchasing) is the mask, highlighter and perfume.

As I have put in the title, this will be my last Glossybox at the moment and to put it simply, I have chosen a new subscription box which I would like to receive instead. I’ll be doing a proper long post on the new box soon (stay tuned!) and there is a variety of reasons, but the main one is that I’ll be receiving cruelty-free/vegan items each month. I have loved getting my Glossbox through the post each month and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable treat.

What did you think of this months products?